A Row of Must -Follow Instagram Accounts for Room Decor Inspiration

One of the most comfortable places in the house is the bedroom. This resting place should be decorated in such a way that the occupants feel comfortable, especially when taking off tired after being tired of doing daily activities. Changing the atmosphere of the room by decorating it can also keep you away from boredom. Perabot Rumah Tangga

In this pandemic, of course you spend more time at home, right? Well you can use that time to change the decor to get a new atmosphere. Here are some Instagram accounts that must be followed for you to find inspiration. Perabot Unik

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This instagram account can be used as your reference in decorating the bedroom in a minimalist style. Those of you who enjoy working in a room that has less space such as a bedroom can also be guided by this account. The colors that are widely used in this account can actually make you feel “open” with bright colors that improve your mood for the better. Household appliances & Furniture


You can follow this account as a reference to decorate a beautiful and charming bedroom. If you are a person who is not afraid to experiment with colors and patterns then it is very suitable to look for inspiration in this account. The beauty of the combination of bright colors, patterns, and textures can enhance the look of your bed and give your room a modern impression. Property News


Revolutionary is one of the hallmarks that you can get as a reference for elegant bedroom decor. @boligpluss gives a lot of ideas for creating a fun visual room experience even though what you have now is just a simple decor.


Emily is a big star in the interior design community. He gives a precise and meticulous picture of the styles, colors and patterns that are popular. Many of his instagram posts provide inspiration for those of you who like a bolder interior style.


The style displayed by @patticakewagner is usually a perfect balance that gives a truly charming color warmth. The use of textures and accessories is done with excellent consideration.


This account can be your consideration to decorate a naturally bright and elegant bedroom full of contemporary indie style. The style is certainly not timeless. @indiehomecollective is suitable for those of you who like bright beauty.