All-white decorations in Aurel-Atta’s Akad Nikah, Luxury and Elegant

This is the culmination of a series of wedding events for Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar. The couple entered into a marriage contract at a five-star hotel in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Magnificent and elegant with an all-white pattern, let’s take a peek at some of the all-white decoration details of the Aurel-Atta wedding ceremony! Perabot Rumah Tangga

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1 White weddings are a popular wedding concept, from the bride’s clothes to the all-white decorations

2 You can see Aurel and Atta’s wedding ceremony table covered in white tablecloths, decorated with minimalist flower arrangements, all in white Perabot Unik

3 The wedding table is covered by a pergola with four magnificent pillars. The roof is in the form of a circle filled with flowers at the center and edges

4 The backdrop behind the wedding ceremony table also functions as a wedding ceremony. White fabric with pleated motifs covered with curtains from roncean jasmine buds Household appliances & Furniture

5 Large flower arrangements were installed as the main property. White roses and fresh baby breath seem to dominate this series

6 Two large vases covered with mirrors flank a large flower arrangement. At the top, some candles are attached

7 Highlight the light in a yellowish tint, highlighting from the bottom part of the backdrop. The result is neat, the jasmine roncean looks like a crystal curtain

8 Several large flower vases also decorate the guest seating area. This vase contains artificial white cherry blossoms

9 All the guest chairs and bridal sofa are patterned in gold. The combination of white and gold looks luxurious!

That was the all-white decoration in Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar’s marriage contract. The use of a large ballroom can be an option for the concept of indoor events in the midst of a pandemic, so that health protocols can be implemented optimally. Property News