Decorative Plant Decorations for a More Welcoming Living Room

As a place to receive guests, the living room is considered a representation of the house as a whole. Not surprisingly, home owners will usually arrange their living room as pretty as possible in order to create a comfortable atmosphere to live in. One of the elements of decoration that can support the comfort and beauty of the living room is plants.

Yes, making plants as living room decorations you should try immediately. The existence of plants will not only make the room feel more beautiful, but also give a welcoming impression. However, are all indoor plants suitable to be placed in the living room? How is the best way to organize it? As a reference, here are some decorative plant decorations for the living room to make it more welcoming. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Variety of Characters for a Natural Atmosphere

If you like the natural atmosphere, there’s nothing wrong with decorating the living room with lots of ornamental plants. But in order not to be monotonous, choose ornamental plants with a variety of physical characters, either shape, size, or color. In addition, pay attention to the layout. If you want to place the plant on several sides or corners, make sure that the layout is balanced, aka it doesn’t look full on one side. The types of plants for the living room as a reference for decorations like this are monstera, cactus, and ferns. Perabot Unik

2 Broad Leaf Plants

You don’t always have to place lots of plants. Putting one or two potted plants is enough to give a beautiful impression to the living room. This can be achieved by choosing the right living room decoration plants, such as broadleaf plants. Broadleaf plants will immediately fill the room, so you can immediately feel their presence. Moreover, broadleaf plants also have a stronger character to support a welcoming impression in the living room.

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3 Decorative Plants Flowers

Indoor plants in the form of ornamental flowers have few choices. However, one of the most popular in Indonesia is the orchid. Orchid plants are very interesting to be used as ornamental plants in the living room because of their beautiful appearance. As if, giving a welcome to the guests who came. The orchid plant is also luxurious, enhancing the aesthetics of the living room. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Harmonious Colors

Your living room certainly has a dominant color to give a certain impression. Therefore, do not let the selected plant damage the impression you want to build. Moreover, if you choose floral ornamental plants, make sure that the color of the flowers is harmonious with the interior of the living room. As in this example, it appears that the Heliconia plant with its reddish orange flowers matches the color of the living room itself.

5 Plants as Accents

One of the ways to achieve a welcoming impression is by presenting an accent or center of interest. The accent itself can come from ornamental plants placed in the living room. As an accent, the plant must have a strong character. As in the photo above, the type of pandanus plant with its distinctive leaf shape immediately catches the eye. The vertical character of the trunk is also in line with other furniture, such as a standing lamp so that it still looks harmonious. Property News

6 Plants as Space Fills

If your living room is minimal furniture, then making plants as decoration is the best choice. As a space filler, plants are usually placed in the corner of the living room. Having plants in the corner will not only make the room look fuller, but also more aesthetic. The choice of indoor plants that are suitable for filling the corner of the living room is like rubber kebo for a vertical impression or monstera for a wide impression.