Home Decoration Is Zata Ligouw’s New Hobby During The Pandemic

When at home for a long time, have you experienced any of the following symptoms?

Like boredom, tiredness, restlessness, loneliness, difficulty concentrating, “foggy”, lack of excitement, insomnia, irritability, even depression? Well, chances are you have cabin fever!

Quoting Very Well Mind, cabin fever in its popular term refers to the reaction of a collection of negative emotions due to someone being isolated for a long time.

Cabin fever is not a psychological disorder, but its effects are real.

Therefore, reported by Healthline, in order for someone to survive in a pandemic situation like now, they can be dealt with by doing positive and creative things.

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Among other things, by doing activities such as getting closer to nature, gardening, exercising, doing relaxation, inviting the mind to wander somewhere, or decorating the house! Perabot Rumah Tangga

Decorating the house seems to be the choice of influencer / digital creator Zata Ligouw to keep his mood awake during a pandemic.

Zata admitted, most of his time now is spent at home.

Like working from home, attending various virtual seminars, to accompanying children to online school, everything is done at home. Perabot Unik

With so many virtual activities, as a digital creator, Zata feels that beautifying the corner of the house is necessary.

But on the other hand, he also experienced confusion when he had to choose the right color for his small space.

“At first I was confused because my workspace was not too big. However, after consulting with an interior designer, “said Zata in a virtual Media & Blogger Gathering entitled” Decoration Hobby During the Pandemic, So #betahdirumah “, which took place in Jakarta, Friday (9/03/2021). Household appliances & Furniture

Zata admitted that using the Color Scheme Service and Nippon Paint WhatsApp Care, as well as the Colors of Life color card from Nippon Paint, I got the desired color, which suits the size of the room and represents my character, “said the story.

On this occasion Endy Nahya, Interior Designer at Nippon Paint Indonesia shared tips & tricks for choosing room colors.

He said that the paint color on the walls is not only a room decoration, but also affects the psychology and mood of the occupants. Property News

In addition, color harmony is also important to produce a harmonious combination.

“As experienced by Zata, apart from choosing bright colors to make the room look wider, then choosing furniture colors with neutral and light colors such as white, cream, or light gray so that the room looks tidier and more comfortable to use, suggested Endy.

Windy Sekar – Public Relations Nippon Paint Indonesia explained, his party strives to provide solutions and make various innovations, both from products and services.

Like the Color Scheme Service (CSS) which is a free consultation with professional interior designers Nippon Paint to visualize paint colors on buildings, with three alternative color combinations and product recommendations.