Simple and Elegant Foyer Table Decoration Ideas to Welcome Your Guests

Many people are not very familiar with the term foyer in home interiors. According to the meaning of the architect Probo Hindarto, foyer is the design of the entrance area which is also a place of transition between the front of the house or terrace with the living room or family room. Based on its function, people usually don’t put large furniture there but rather a beautiful foyer table. Perabot Rumah Tangga

In minimalist home decor, the existence of a foyer as well as a table with various accessories will create a welcoming area for your guests. So what kind of foyer table design is simple but elegant for your home?

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Tiny Wooden Foyer Table

For a minimalist style house, a simple foyer table with a similar nuance can also support the overall appearance of the room. Take a look at this narrow wooden foyer design. Matching the color of the floors and doors, the minimalist foyer table contains an array of books and green plants to sweeten it. The addition of a carpet right at the entrance adds to the lively atmosphere. Perabot Unik

Foyer Table with Round Mirror

Laying a table with a few extra items on it may be too ordinary for some people. If you have similar beliefs, it’s time to add a dramatic effect to add to the impression in the hallway of the house. Beautify your foyer design by installing a large round mirror and a vase filled with live flowers. Plus the key holder and wooden standing hanger beside it, this foyer table is ready to welcome any guest who comes.

Gorgeous Semicircle Foyer Table

Many people choose a foyer table with the same design, namely a rectangle. One of the reasons is because he is worried that its existence will actually make the entrance area narrow. However, take it easy, with a small semicircular foyer table like this, you can give a classic and elegant impression to the hallway of your home. Household appliances & Furniture

Unique Foyer Table that Seems to Float

Decorating the entrance area of ​​the house is as important as decorating the living room. The foyer table in the design above appears in its own unique style, but it fits perfectly with the interior theme. Deliberately attached directly to the wall, this table gives a floating effect. Not only the carvings are beautiful, the theme that is uniform with the whole room plus the presence of several accessories on it makes this table suitable to be applied into a classic-style home.

FoyerRustic table

One style that is inspired by old school designs but is still popular today is the rustic style. Relying on rough and old-looking details, the rustic style actually gives a unique and attractive appearance through the foyer table with drawers and shelves below. The addition of various themed accessories to complement its presence as a welcome for guests who come to visit. Property News

Gold Legged Foyer Table

Since ancient times, gold has always been a symbol of luxury. But sometimes, using golden nuances in your home can actually trap and make the style seem too much. However, this gold-legged foyer table looks so elegant with its simple design. The addition of a minimalist painting on it makes this welcome corner look even sweeter.

Stylish Simple Foyer Table

For some designers, less is more. You don’t need anything extravagant to make all the components in the house shine. Just consider the example on the foyer table with an obtuse angle like this. With a rectangular design, small legs with golden handles are enough to make it look attractive. The three items displayed on it have successfully sweetened the entrance gate for guests to your home.

Various foyer table designs can actually beautify the entrance hall of your home. Make sure to choose a table color that matches the theme of the room to complement your interior design.