4 Ramadan Decoration Ideas You Can Make Yourself at Home

It is still the same as last year, this year’s Ramadan was carried out with full limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This requires people to do more activities in their homes.

Apart from worshiping, we can make the holy month this time more festive. One of them is by making Ramadan decorations that will decorate our homes. Even if it’s just a simple touch, it’s sure to add a more colorful look to your home. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Well, here are four Ramadan decoration ideas for your home, which you can make yourself with your family as a fun activity, as reported by Fustany.

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1 Create an artsy look

You can have a different look to Ramadan décor by trying something that looks more modern and artsy. All you need is some art equipment and then let creativity take you wherever it goes. the idea of ​​playing with the walls at home is also very interesting. Perabot Unik

2 Minimalist style

You don’t need to go out or shop for new Ramadan decorations. Yes, you can reuse old Ramadan decorations and arrange them differently around the house. For a more modern look, keep the colors neutral and simple. You can also decorate the vase with a simple Ramadan card.

3 Print with an attractive design
Print colored paper, or paper that we colored ourselves, take a gold pen, stamps, scissors and you will have the most beautiful Ramadan decorations. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Make crafts with your little one
This is a cute DIY (do it yourself) project that you can do with your kids. Spend your day cutting circles and stars, maybe even from newspapers, and gluing them to string and you can hang them on your door or even a chandelier. Property News