Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas, Suitable for Minimal Budget

Decorating a house is one way to make it more comfortable to linger at home. For example, by decorating the walls to make it more attractive and not too plain. An interesting wall decoration will add to the aesthetic impression. And there is a certain satisfaction if you see the decoration is eye-catching.

Here are some inspirations and ideas for decorating a minimalist theme wall. Guaranteed not to be complicated and anti-so broke. Let’s check! Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Use green plants as decoration to get a natural and natural impression. A fresh atmosphere can bring a positive aura, you know

2 Or a collection of dried leaves that is transformed into a beautiful decoration. Hang it in front of the window for aesthetics

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3 Used tree branches and frames can be used as wall displays. Plants around you can be interesting objects, you know

4 Do not throw away your glass jar as it can be used as an aromatherapy candle holder. Perabot Unik

5 If you like vintage nuances, patterned plates can be used as decorations. Different from the others!

6 Millennial mainstay decorations, namely photo collages affixed to the walls. Make your room a tumblr style, huh

7 The trend is to use a hexagonal mirror as a minimalist decoration. For the selfie mirror, it’s really cool

8 Love the boho theme? The idea of ​​a wooden rattan mirror like this is worth a try, you know. Household appliances & Furniture

9 Anti-boring, use fluorescent lamps with interesting quotes as a room decoration. Really cool!

Those are some wall decoration inspirations so that the atmosphere of the living room or room is more colorful. Of course, it will make you feel at home all day long. Property News