American Farm House Home Decoration in the style of a Cherry Dreamy Influencer

Influencer Vanessa Andrea doesn’t just steal the show with her stylish and cute fashion style. Through her Instagram account @cherrydreamy, her house decorations, which are often used as photo spots, also get a lot of attention because they look aesthetic in the style of an American farmhouse.

Curious? Here comes a row of portraits of the influencer Cherry Dreamy farmhouse that you can inspire!

1 Dominance of White and Mint Colors

By prioritizing wood elements that are characteristic of a farmhouse, Cherry Dreamy’s house is dominated by white and soft mint nuances that give a cool impression. He also added various ornamental plants on the home page to accentuate the beautiful impression. Perabot Rumah Tangga

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2 Porch Brick

On the front, this gorgeous influencer house has a brick porch that sticks with the feel of an American-style home. Her porch was then sweetened with two potted plants and decorative lanterns beside the entrance.

3 Sofa and Carpet Matching

The living room in this beautiful influencer’s house looks cozy with a dusty mint colored sofa paired with matching rugs. There is also a classic-style side table that complements the room as well as a place to store trinkets and decorative lights. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Stairs So Favorite Photo Spot

For spending more time at home due to the pandemic, Cherry Dreamy has made the stairs in her house a favorite photo spot. This staircase has wooden floors with white walls decorated with paintings.

5 Open Kitchen

For the kitchen, this influencer who is pregnant with her first child carries an open plan concept by combining the kitchen and dining room. This kitchen concept is suitable for those of you who have a house with limited land, Ladies.

6 Classic Sink Countertops

When you enter the master bathroom at Cherry Dreamy’s house, you will immediately feel the impression of a farmhouse with a vintage sink table. This wooden and porcelain combination sink table has a mint color that matches the concept of the house it carries. Perabot Unik

7 Dutch Door

The area behind the influencer house named Vanessa Andrea is also thick with the feel of a farmhouse with the selection of a Dutch door style door. This back door is one of his favorite photo spots at home.

8 Garage Doors

As for the side doors, Vanessa chose a door design inspired by the farmhouse garage door. He chose white to strengthen the classic and timeless impression he wanted to highlight in his home design. Property News