Neutral Color Trends for Home Decoration in 2021

The main color that will be applied in the interior of the residence depends on the taste of the owner. Although color trends continue to change, neutral colors are often the main choice.

Neutral colors are considered to create balance in the room. For many years white and gray became the trend of neutral colors for home decor.

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However, experts say that warm brown colors are now preferred over white and gray.

“People are looking for a little more warmth and depth in their space while still keeping it neutral,” said Alessandra Wood, vice president of online interior design services Modsy. Perabot Rumah Tangga

“Brown and other warm neutral colors offer subtle color recognition that still feels soft and neutral,” he added.

Maggie Griffin, founder and lead designer of Maggie Griffin Design, argues that the transition to warmer colors is due to the response to the seemingly excessive white and gray colors for the living room.

The time most people have spent at home over the last year is what makes some people change the decor to warmer colors. Household appliances & Furniture

“After a year of isolation, I feel like we’re all looking for colors and feelings that are safe, warm, and comfortable,” Griffin said.

“Then, after a decade of experiencing so much sterility in white and gray, many are finally craving a return to comfortable neutral colors.”

Family room

The neutral color of brown is usually suitable for living rooms that are suitable for leather or wood furniture.

“Chocolate has a stable, confident, and unobtrusive vibe that can be used for any room,” said Liz MacPhail, founder and lead designer of Liz MacPhail Interiors. Perabot Unik

The brown color that is the trend today is wood brown that has a natural look. In addition, because chocolate serves as a neutral decorative color, it is reasonable to serve as a color determinant for the home.

MacPhail recommends boldly appearing in brown for comfortable rooms such as a library, workspace, dining room, or even a guest bedroom. So not just for the living room.

The brown color can be combined with a soft touch of patina, warm colors, and a sparkling finish for a slightly dramatic look if you like.

Griffin also added that the brown color also goes well with vintage furniture that has also been on the rise in recent months. Property News

If you are going to use brown furniture, Wood recommends combining it with brighter colors, such as white or even yellow.

“If you choose a layered piece of fabric, choose leather or a textured fabric that will offer color variations such as mohair,” he said.

However, still be careful to choose the color brown as a home decoration needs. Avoid browns that are too dark or too golden. The point is don’t overdo it.