You can’t go home, let’s decorate your home with practical and affordable ornaments

This YEAR the government has again imposed a ban on the Lebaran homecoming. This is the second time that people have been prohibited from returning to their hometowns in order to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Considering that it is still the Covid-19 pandemic, plus the many new mutations of the corona virus, people are encouraged to celebrate Eid at home. This is also in order to reduce the rate of positive covid-19 cases that usually occur during long holidays. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Even though it’s only at home, don’t let this year’s Eid moment become less meaningful. To add excitement, comfort, and of course to beautify your home during Eid, you can divert your homecoming budget to decorate the house.

No need for a massive decoration that costs a lot of money, it is enough to create a new atmosphere just by adding simple ornaments, meaningful, but still affordable.

So, how to decorate a house with these practical and affordable ornaments? Here are the tips, as summarized by MNC Portal, Monday (10/5/2021). Household appliances & Furniture

1 Decorate the floor with an Eid-inspired rug

When decorating a living room, don’t forget about the floor. Decorating the floor this time, you can apply a carpet with the nuances of Eid, one of which is choosing the type of carpet with thin fur and oriental-vintage green which can present a warm Middle Eastern nuance. The pattern looks faded and worn, making this carpet look antique.

2 Arrange the pillows in the living room

In order for a more comfortable place to hang out with family, the decorations in this room can be by placing a collection of pillows neatly on the sofa. Choose a sofa pillowcase that is made of 100 percent cotton. Then for color, for example, you can choose dark olive green which can be combined with other solid colored pillows or other patterned pillows. Perabot Unik

3 Sofa sheet

In addition to pillows, other ornaments that can add warmth and comfort when sitting together with family on the sofa are sofa sheets. Choose sheets made of fleece, as they are soft, lightweight, and easy to care for. For use, these sheets are very multifunctional, can be used to cover or cover a sofa, single size bed, or be used as a blanket.

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4 Scented candles

Warm the atmosphere with the sweet and fresh aroma of the scented candle. The scent of fragrances can help maximize quality time with the family while relaxing together in the living room. Presenting a scented candle, you can choose a Rhubarb Elderflower scented candle with a touch of vanilla that can provide a relaxing effect.

5 Beautify the dining table

Gathering to celebrate Eid, a group meal session has become a mandatory agenda with the family. In the dining room, you can beautify the appearance of the dining table by using a long tablecloth, for example, you can choose an old turquoise color and mix it with a white tablecloth underneath to add a new color to the look of the table and create an intimate atmosphere when eating together at the table. eat. Good luck. Property News