These 5 Plants Make Home Decorations More Fresh

Plants can enhance your home decor. Any house design will suit all types of plants. Perabot Rumah Tangga

You only need to sort out the size of the plant. If the room is wide, you can use large plants, on the other hand, if the space is limited, you should use a small one.

Here are some ornamental plants that make the house look more beautiful and keep it minimalist.

1 Fern

Ferns are a great choice for your home. These plants do best in low-light environments so they work best in homes.

2 Betel Gading

This ornamental plant is easy to care for, but make sure it is exposed to the sun. Betel ivory can also grow in a more humid environment. Household appliances & Furniture

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These vines can make your home look more beautiful. You can store it on the shelf, in the bathroom or hang it in front of the house.

3 Tongue-in-law

This herb is very popular because it is easy to care for and effective in absorbing various toxins such as carbon monoxide, dioxins. Even five strands of this plant can absorb poison up to 100 square meters.

Apart from its good function, this plant is also suitable for storage anywhere. The elongated shape will take up no space if stored indoors or outdoors. Perabot Unik

4 Pilea

This plant has small, round leaves that make it perfect for placing indoors and on shelves. This plant requires indirect but bright sunlight to thrive.

5 Calathea

Keep the calathea plant out of direct light. The beautiful pattern is suitable for use as a home interior.

In addition, Calathea also has a size that is not too big so it is suitable to be stored in a small house. Maintenance is quite easy, you only need to water it every day with a little water. Property News