Don’t waste it! Here are 5 Eid Hampers Recycle Ideas for Home Decor

Unlike previous years, this year there is a unique new trend that has been carried out by almost all Indonesians. Is that? Yep, especially if it’s not hampers!

The year 2021, which is still shrouded by the Covid-19 pandemic, does not make people dumb in establishing friendship between family and friends. One of the ways to stay connected during a pandemic is by sending hampers to one another. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The contents of the hampers that are given also vary. Some contain pastries, literal coffee, various household appliances, new normal kits and so on.

Well, for those of you who are ‘flooded’ with relatives, it is better if you recycle the box again until the hampers ribbon becomes a useful item.

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What things can you make from the rest of the Lebaran hampers? Here has summarized the complete list of 5 along with the tutorial for making them. Household appliances & Furniture

1 Recycle hampers boxes into wall hangings

Almost every Eid hampers uses a cardboard box to wrap it. So, so that you don’t just throw it away and cause waste, then you should just recycle your hampers box into useful items.

You can use the hampers box to be 2 types of wall decorations. The first creation, you can paint the protruding part of the hampers box and then display it on the wall of the house.

The second creation, you can use the hampers box as a storage container for children’s stationery or office stationery. Previously, you could put the used tissue rolls into the hampers box as a baffle between stationery. Perabot Unik

Make the house even more charming and certainly more environmentally friendly!

2 Save the rest of the hampers for birthday gifts

In almost Eid, ribbons are usually found to make it even more beautiful. In addition to beautifying hampers, ribbons are also usually used to tie hampers to make them stronger.

Well, if you have a lot of used hampers, then don’t just throw it away! You can store it in a special box to reuse it as a gift decoration for your friends or family’s birthday.

Guaranteed your gift will be more beautiful without having to shell out a lot of money!

3 Recycle glass bottles into modern plant pots

Next, namely used glass bottles. As explained above, usually the contents of the Lebaran hampers are pastries to literan coffee. The two contents of these hampers will definitely make you have lots of used glass bottles at home.

So that you don’t waste it, you can use glass bottles used for cookies or glass bottles used for literan coffee as a unique and certainly contemporary plant pot. Property News

You can put it in the living room or home garden as a beautiful potted plant.

4 Recycle the tile fabric into scrunchies or hair ties

Another important ornament found in hampers is the tile fabric. Usually tile cloth is used for decoration on the inside of hampers to make it look more beautiful and luxurious.

5 Recycle the hampers basket into storage containers

Lastly is hampers basket. In addition to cardboard boxes, usually the contents of the hampers are also placed in the rattan basket.

Don’t just throw it away, you can use the rattan basket to store used newspapers or fruits such as bananas, oranges, or avocados.

Not only for storage, you can also use rattan baskets as beautiful picnic baskets that are suitable to carry around during the holiday season like today.