Room Decoration Tips To Be Aesthetic and Minimalist

The bedroom is the last room to unwind after a day of activities. Therefore of course it must be made as comfortable as possible.

Bedroom comfort does not only lie in the bed alone. But aesthetically pleasing decorations can add a playful feel to it and even lift the mood.

Minimalist style room decoration is loved, especially on social media. The choice of colors that are predominantly white, minimal furniture, and neatly arranged items make the bedroom feel more elegant but also add comfort.

No need to be confused about starting an aesthetic bedroom decor. Following are recommendations from IKEA that you can copy. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Use sheets and blankets in neutral colors or gingham patterns

One way to make the room more aesthetic is to apply a minimalist style and use neutral colors. The bed linen used is also mandatory to match the bedroom decor. Beige, pastel, or trending gingham motifs are favorite sheets because they are considered more minimalist and comfortable to look at.

The KRANSKRAGE collection from IKEA could be an option. Because the color is soft and the rim of the pillowcase lacy gives its own accent. Household appliances & Furniture

2 cozy sleep lights

Lighting is very important to bring a comfortable room atmosphere. To be more aesthetic, use natural lighting during the day and at night using bedroom lights. You can choose a LAMPAN lamp from IKEA to put it on the study table or on the bedside table.

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3 Place a table next to the bed for clocks, candles, and so on

To create an aesthetic room, you can use minimalist and multifunctional furniture. With a bedside table to place clocks, aromatherapy candles, night lamps, or other items for easy reach. Perabot Unik

4 Complete the study table with a multipurpose board

Besides being able to be used to attach important notes, multipurpose boards can also be used to hang various items, such as jewelry, ornamental plants, or stationery. Apart from being on the table, you can also put it on the inside of the cupboard door for additional storage space.

5 Add a touch of plants to make the room look fresh

When talking about an aesthetic room, it’s incomplete if you don’t have a touch of plants in it. Plants in the room can give a fresh effect and add green color to the room. You can use indoor plants or if you can’t take care of live plants, you can replace them with fake ornamental plants. Property News