Wooden Projects, Decoration Products from Malang which are Global

On one of his visits to Car Free Day in 2017, Bara Yogya Angkasa, who was interested in seeing a wall decoration product, then tried to make a similar product and sell it to relatives and close friends. Products that were sold out made the man who lives in Malang, East Java, try his luck again, this time in the same place as when he bought wall hangings for the first time.

Bara’s efforts were successful in getting a positive response from the community. Before long, he had the opportunity to grow his business after being contacted by Shopee. In the same year, Wooden Projects officially opened an online store. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Bara revealed, Shopee played a big role in the development of Wooden Projects through the assistance provided, from registering for accounts, uploading products, to managing and other things.

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“The programs and communications provided by Shopee are also going very well,” said Bara.

Not only assistance, various features such as flash sales, discounts, and free shipping to the campaigns that Shopee often hold are also recognized to boost people’s desire to shop at Wooden Projects. As much as 80 percent of sales are said to come from wall hangings marketed at Shopee. Household appliances & Furniture

“The various major programs and campaigns offered by Shopee such as the Big Ramadhan Sale, 9.9, 12.12 and the Peak Day Campaign and the 6.6 Home and Hobby Sale campaign which are ongoing until 6 June have helped to increase sales of wall hangings in Wooden Projects with various promos. interesting, “said Bara.

From participating in the campaign, Bara said sales had increased by 30 times. This condition continued until July 2020, when Wooden Projects exported for the first time through the Shopee export program. Perabot Unik

“This is very unexpected, help and support from Shopee can bring Wooden Projects to this point,” said Bara.

Currently, hundreds of Wooden Projects wall hangings made in Malang have been marketed in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Through Shopee’s export program, Bara can see products that are of interest to overseas buyers.

“I feel very happy with the education, training and mentoring that has been provided by Shopee regarding various things about exports. This is a good start for Wooden Projects’ journey in exporting products, hopefully in the future sales of Wooden Projects will continue to increase through this Shopee export program. “he said.

According to Bara, the market for wall decoration in Indonesia is influenced by trends abroad. He stated that he would continue to strive to meet the needs of buyers both at home and abroad through Shopee. Apart from wall hangings, he plans to develop Wooden Projects with everyday products such as cooking and eating utensils to storing items made of wood. Property News

Bara’s experience with Wooden Projects is in line with Shopee’s commitment to bring local products to the global market through various collaborations. Among other things, collaboration with the Export Schools of the joint association between the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMESCO) to realize 500,000 exporters by 2030. The program, which began in early March 2021, is also supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs and the Ministry of Trade.

Recently, Shopee also inaugurated the Shopee Export UMKM Campus in Surakarta as a continuation of a strategic collaboration to create 10,000 exporters from Surakarta by the end of the year.

Having grown with Shopee since its inception, Wooden Projects has now succeeded in adding factories that were previously only in Malang to Ngawi. With 115 employees, mostly local people who graduated from high school, Bara said he was happy to help improve the welfare of his family and employees.

Not getting there, now Bara also often provides training and education on how to build a business. Grateful for the opportunity to share and contribute with the local community, Wooden projects has managed to keep the economy moving even in the midst of a pandemic.