Tips for Home Decoration with Wooden Furniture to Make it Look Aesthetic

Wood-based furniture is the right choice for room decoration. Especially if you want to create a warm, friendly and comfortable atmosphere at home.

There is a reason why wood elements are in great demand to be applied in home interiors. This is because wood is always compatible with various home design concepts, such as aesthetic, elegant or classic concepts. In addition, a good combination of textures, colors and patterns of wood can enhance the appearance of the room.

However, in reality it is not easy to apply wood elements to the interior of the house. Especially if you want to apply an aesthetic concept, if you make a small mistake when designing, it will look disproportionate and reduce the aesthetic value of the room.

Well, if you are interested in decorating the house with wooden furniture. Here will share some tips for Mama. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Listen, Mom!

1 Do not place a lot of wooden furniture at once

Mama may really like wood-based interiors, but don’t overdo it when applying it.

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Some furniture such as tables, TV cabinets and shelves to display decorations in the living room, should not all be made of wood. Household appliances & Furniture

This will make the house look monotonous or boring. Mama can use a wooden table combined with a soft foam sofa.

2 Apply different wood patterns and colors

The combination of different wood patterns and colors can beautify the appearance of the room. Especially for wooden floors, so that it is not monotonous or boring, you should apply different patterns from one room to another. For example, a horizontal pattern for an elongated room to make it look relieved.

In addition, choose the right color. There are different types of wood colors. If you want the atmosphere at home to look warm, you can use wood that is colored like honey. Meanwhile, if you want an antique and classic look, you can use a darker wood color. Perabot Unik

3 Consider using white wood

Not all wood is brown, you can consider using white wood. In addition to furniture, Mama can change the wooden floor to white. This white wood interior can make the house look more beautiful and aesthetic.

4 Set the main focus in the room

When there are too many wooden elements in a room, this makes the room disproportionate.

Choose one wooden furniture with a unique pattern or color, then Mama can make it a focal point that you want to highlight in the room. Property News