9 Decorative Elements That Often Appear on Social Media Apart from Rattan Furniture

If you are a fan of the decor segment on social media, certain furniture and ornaments will often appear on your timeline. One of them is rattan furniture from chairs to cupboards and cots. Not limited to that, there are several other decor elements that often appear on social media and sometimes tantalize the eye because of their charming designs. Nine of them are summarized below. From now on you must know his name.

1 Togo sofa

The sofa that went viral on social media turned out to be named Togo and was the work of a French designer named Michel Ducaroy. With a pop-art concept, this sofa which he released in 1973 is available in various colors and is very comfortable to lie down. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The choices are quite diverse, some are in the form of a single sofa like the illustration above. However, there are also those that are longer in size to fit several people, and are also available in corner models. This sofa material is foam covered with polyester fabric which is sewn with a quilt method so that it forms folds or distinctive lines in its appearance.

2 Flowerpot lamp

The Flowerpot lamp was designed by Verner Panton in the 1960s, an era that is quite sacred for the development of the world’s interior design. This eccentric little lamp is also available in a cordless version, so it uses the charging method with a micro-USB cable. Household appliances & Furniture

It can be placed anywhere, nightstand next to the bed, study table, console table in the living room, even the kitchen. It is also available in a hanging version. Not only beautiful, this lamp is sturdy because it is made of lacquered steel or steel that is colored and given a glossy coating to resemble porcelain.

3 Develius sofa

Designed by Edward van Vliet, this sofa is brand new because it was only introduced in 2018. The design is super minimalist with customization features that pamper its consumers. Perabot Unik

Not only color, you can choose the model, the presence of the hand rest, and the type of fabric. Not surprisingly, everyone can have a different combination of Develius sofas. It can be a single sofa, a two-seat sofa or more, you can even choose an L-shaped one.

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4 Betty chairs

Designed by the duo Jakob Thau and Sami Kallio, this chair has a distinctive feature in its seat which is made of woven strong linen. The frame is usually made of solid wood which is also lacquered. The frame color is very diverse, not only natural wood brown.

In addition to a chair with a backrest, it is also available in the form of a stool. The advantages are light, can be stacked, and suitable to be placed in a room with a minimalist concept. Property News

5 wire chairs

Wire chair or wire chair is one of the works of the designer duo from the United States, Charles and Ray Eames which has now been modified by many other furniture manufacturers. They are the pioneers of mid-century chairs that were hits in the 50-60s, then returned to popularity in recent years.

One of them is this wire chair. The material is of course metal which is assembled in such a way as to form the legs, seat, and backrest. Usually it is customized with additional padding. Metal material makes this chair safe even for outdoor use.

6 Bellevue lamp

Bellevue was discovered by Arne Jacobsen in 1929 and is still loved today. Bellevue is one of Denmark’s proud pieces of furniture which is simple, but elegant. Packaged in the form of chandeliers, table lamps, and standing models, the presence of furniture that often appears on social media can indeed upgrade a room instantly.

7 Turn off the lamp

This umbrella-shaped lamp is the work of Inga Sempé, a French designer known for his eclectic works. He designed this lamp Matin table with metal legs that are slender and sturdy at the same time. Combined with folded cotton fabric and formed a cone as the hood.

8 Taper candle holders

Taper candle holders have actually been around for a long time and the producers vary, ranging from large parties to individuals. This candle holder is made of ceramic, metal, or cement so it is safe from the risk of melting or burning. It can be wiped and cleaned easily too. They come in various shapes, not only containing one hole, now many are made with various artsy shapes complete with several holes for candle holders.

9 Pedestal coffee table

Focus on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. Classic and basic design table. It only has one leg, but it is made of solid solid material. This table has been modified into various shapes, one of which is an hourglass and has been modified for various functions, including a bedside table.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the materials used, always solid materials which, although bulky and heavy, remain minimalist when placed in the room. In addition to wood, many producers also use natural rock or cement as the main material.