Unique Restaurant with Rp28.4 Billion Money Hanger Decoration, Curious?

There are many unique restaurants in various countries that tourists can explore. Each restaurant certainly has its own style and characteristics, the goal is to grab the attention of visitors.

One of the popular restaurants in Pensacola, Florida, United States managed to attract the attention of the people who saw it. This restaurant called McGuire’s Irish Pub has an unusual decoration, which has a unique display of 2 million US dollars in cash or approximately Rp. 28.4 billion. This cash decoration hangs above the ceiling. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The history of this restaurant’s unique decor dates back to 1977 when Martin McGuire and his wife, Molly, opened the business. At that time Martin was on duty at the bar while Molly waited for visitors at the table. Uniquely, when he gets his first 1 US dollar or Rp. 14,000 tip, he immediately writes the date on it and attaches it to the back bar as a sign of good luck. Household appliances & Furniture

As is well known, tipping is an old tradition that is still respected by the club’s patrons. The next day, after the first tip was pinned to the bar, other diners started adding to the collection, and they’ve been sticking the notes ever since.

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“It’s 15,000 square feet and there are banknotes on every part of the ceiling and a bit of the walls,” McGuire owner William said.

Previously, Martin had told the Chicago Tribune in 1999 “We calculate it every year and we pay taxes on the growth in it. We treat it as an asset, and we borrow it and so on.” Perabot Unik

At the time of the interview, McGuire estimated the quirky décor to be around $175,000, but according to a more recent tally, the pub now has nearly $2 million in autographed tips hanging in the sky. – the sky.

Of course, with so much money in sight, incidents of theft have been reported at McGuire’s Irish Pub for years. An employee was once fined and put on probation after allegedly withdrawing about $5,000 from the wall decorations. Additionally many other diners have tried to use the marked tips, to pay for things around Pensacola.

But, since every note that went up on McGuire’s ceiling was signed with black marker and had staple holes, it was very difficult to spend it anywhere in town without anyone noticing. Money tradition is well known at this restaurant, so whenever someone shows a tip marked almost at Pensacola, the alarm bell goes off.

“Teller immediately realized it was probably money from McGuire’s and alerted the manager and during that time, the suspect became a little worried and left the building,” the statement said. Property News