Creative Ways to Arrange Decorative Plants in the House

In addition to improving air quality, indoor ornamental plants actually also support the aesthetic elements in the room as well as provide a comfortable atmosphere. Of course, these benefits can be achieved as long as the ornamental plants are arranged properly. Putting plants without arrangement can make the room in your house look messy and even cramped.

Talking about arranging ornamental plants in the house, the most common thing to do is to place them in the corner of the room or as decoration on the table. In fact, you can further explore the arrangement of these plants with a variety of other creative ideas. As a reference, here are some creative ways to arrange ornamental plants in the house.

1 Wall Hanging Plant

In home interior design, it usually has walls decorated with various decorations. Such as photos, paintings, books, displays, sculptures, and so on. So that the existing wall decor looks fresher, you can add plants there. The green color of the leaves with a distinctive stem character from ornamental plant decorations will give an organic feel that is not monotonous on the appearance of the walls. Perabot Rumah Tangga

2 Create Groups

Instead of placing one potted plant at one point or in a spread pattern, why not group them together? The next indoor plant idea collects and arranges plants of various types and sizes. So, they look like a small garden in the house. If necessary, also take advantage of shelves or tables to provide an attractive high-low visual effect.

3 Character Variety Collaboration

Creating beautiful visuals in space does not only equalize the character of each element. Through creativity, you can also collaborate several characters into one harmony. Just like when choosing ornamental plants for room decoration, you can use several types of plants with different characters to be arranged in the same area.

As an example of this creative ornamental plant, cactus plants look harmonious side by side with broad-leaved plants and dangling plants. The key in arranging plants with different characters like this lies in their position. You must be observant to see the position of each plant so as not to “lose” from other plants with stronger characters. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Making It a 3-Dimensional Frame

If you like the concept of wild nature for the room, you can imitate the following ideas for indoor plants. Arrange plants into decorations like a three-dimensional frame. Various kinds of plants arranged in various ways. Some are placed on the table, some are on a shelf, and some are hung. Everything seems to be in harmony so that when viewed it will form a frame that surrounds the main object, namely the television.

5 Make Use of Empty Areas

If you feel that the room at home is no longer possible to put potted plants, try to go back to see more details. Keep in mind that potted plants don’t always have to be on the floor or on a table. Get creative by placing it on the wall, hanging it, or as in the idea above, the plant is placed right above the door. In addition to being beautiful in appearance, placing vines above the room divider also plays a role in giving the effect of a dividing curtain. Perabot Unik

6 Plants For Contrast

The existence of plants in the room should be a supporter of the design concept. In the design itself, there is something called contrast. This can be obtained from the placement of plants. Yes, ornamental plants with their distinctive character will be a contrasting element so that the appearance of the space is not boring.

Take a look at the example above. Imagine if there were no plants there, the room would look boring. However, due to the presence of plants with dominant dimensions, the room looks fresher and more attractive.

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7 Creeps on the Wall

Instead of leaving the walls of the house looking empty, you can be creative by making it a space for plant propagation. One type of vine that is suitable to be placed in the house is ivory betel. You can direct the direction of propagation by providing support such as nails. Moreover, with relatively fast growth, ivory betel will make the appearance of the room more lively and not boring. Property News

8 Organizing with Fun

Placing plants in the house does not only have to be on the floor or table. Take a look at the items you have at home and start getting creative with something that might be unusual. If necessary, you can start converting used items into plant stands. This can certainly be a fun activity with family members as well as produce something unique and different.