9 Room Decoration Ideas with Plants in Woven Pots

It seems that something is missing every time you decorate a house without ornamental plants. If we usually discuss plants that can be adopted, this time we will discuss about decorating plants with woven pots.

Woven pots from bamboo or plant stems will give a natural and beautiful impression, you know. Come on, let’s see the room decoration ideas with plants in wicker pots below! Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 You can decorate the corner of the living room with a Karet Kebo tree with wicker pots next to the floor lamp

2 Suitable for spot reading books, under the stairs you can make a relaxing area with decorative plant decorations with woven pots

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3 Besides being placed on the wall, you can also place wicker pots in wooden standing pots

4 Bedrooms with wooden decks will look more aesthetically pleasing with Ketapang Violin plant decorations in woven pots, you know Household appliances & Furniture

5 Or you can place a large wicker pot as a pot cover next to a study table or work desk

6 To make it more beautiful and shady, wicker pots can also be an alternative for plants on the terrace or veranda with a mini garden

7 Looks cozy and makes studying more comfortable, you can place a large Violin Ketapang tree with a woven pot next to the chair

8 Woven pots with various colors will make the room even more beautiful, including for plants such as Cactus, Palms, or Ferns Perabot Unik

9 You can also conjure up the living room to make it more alive by decorating the mother-in-law’s tongue plant with woven pots, you know

Those were some room decoration ideas with plants in wicker pots that you can use as references. Property News