6 Recommendations for Drakor-style Room Decorations, More Aesthetic Boarding Rooms

An aesthetic and comfortable room can make you feel more comfortable doing many activities in it. By adding decorations or decorations, it will make your mood happy so that productivity increases. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Especially for drama lovers, it’s really suitable if you have some of the items below. Come on, check out the article to find out 5 recommendations for Drakor-style room decorations!

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1 wooden hanger

Not only serves as a decoration, wooden hangers have benefits for hanging clothes as well. Well, this is one of the decorations that you must have in your room so that the room looks more like a Korean drama. Household appliances & Furniture

This wooden hanger consists of a section for hanging clothes and a base that you can use to store shoes. The material is pine wood with a natural brown color. The size is 98×37.5 x114 cm, you can get it at a price of IDR 210 thousand.

If you are interested in buying this decoration, just go to the ljh1977 store at Shopee. The shop also has many variations of other sizes and shapes. Perabot Unik

2 Standing mirrors

Standing mirrors are also one of the multifunctional decorations that are often found in rooms with Korean style. You can also have this decoration by buying it at onana.homeliving.tangerang at Shopee.

This standing mirror has various sizes, namely 122×40 cm Frameless, 127×38 cm Basic, and 40×60 cm Tempered Mirror. As for the color variations, there are light brown, white, black, and dark brown. If you are interested in buying, come on, order right away!

3 Korean side lamp

This Korean side lamp is one of the most popular items to decorate your room. The shape of the hood is folded with a standing lamp made of wood. Property News

Well, if you are interested in buying, there are two color variants, namely white and brown. For this lamp for IDR 265 thousand, you can get it with a hood width of 25 cm, a lamp height of 27 cm, and a standing lamp width of 12 cm.

This little thing is perfect for your night light. If you want to buy, just go to menatta.home on Shopee, okay!

4 Gingham bed sheets

Bed sheets with gingham or plaid motifs are indeed popular to be one of the decorations for your Korean style room. If you want one, you can buy it at Evita Interior Official at Tokopedia.

There are many color variants, khaki, olive, blue, onyx, pink, griss, yellow, and lavender. There are also various sizes, ranging from 90×200 cm, 100×200 cm, 120×200 cm, 160×200 cm, 180×200 cm, and 200×200 cm. Adjust to the size of your mattress, yes!

You will get 1 pillowcase and 1 bolster cover for sizes 90×200 cm, 100×200 cm, and 120×200 cm. Meanwhile, for sizes 160×200 cm, 180×200 cm, 200×200 cm, you will get 2 pillowcases and 2 bolster covers. Come on, order right away!

5 Feather rugs

Fur rugs are very identical to the drakor-style room decorations. Besides being comfortable, fur rugs are really suitable for sweetening your room. So, if you want this fur rug, just go to the Roomers Store at Tokopedia.

This fur rug is perfect for your small room because its size is only 70×147 cm. For a price of IDR 139 thousand, you will get this comfortable fur rug. This rug comes in a smooth and soft white color.

6 Wall decoration

This wall decoration with a Korean idol theme is suitable to beautify your room. The shades are brown and peach, so they will make the walls of your room more aesthetic.

This wall decoration has 14 variants, namely RM peach, JN peach, SG peach, JH peach, JM peach, V peach, JK peach, RM browny, JN browny, SG browny, JH browny, JM browny, V browny, and JK browny. . Each variant has a different photo and color nuance.