Pay attention to three things when decorating a family room with a limited area

Most people will use the family room as a place to talk, relax, and even watch movies with family members.

Therefore, comfort is the most important factor that the owner must prioritize in decorating the space.

Actually, getting that sensation in the family room is not always a matter of the area or the size of the area you have.

However, there are several things that must be considered in decorating a limited family room with the problem of space size. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Quoting Hunker, Tuesday (20/07/2021), here are some of these things:

1 Layout

Before buying any furniture or decorative items, you should think about the possible layout of the room.

Then, consider how the flow of roads or traffic in the room. So, avoid putting furniture that is most often passed by people in your home.

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The thing to remember is to avoid too many other decorative elements in the room.

2 Storage

Although it is difficult to put storage in the middle of a small living room, you can choose functional furniture and the size is also worth it. Household appliances & Furniture

For example, a console table that doesn’t take up much space or a wall shelf so that it can store a variety of interesting decorative elements and displays.

3 Lighting

You must know, lighting is an important factor that needs to be considered in designing a family room.

Choosing a chandelier is one of the right efforts to provide a focal point in a small living room. Perabot Unik

In terms of decoration, implement the philosophy of less is more in a small living room.

Therefore, you only need to show off the sentimental part or just create the right visual impact.

This applies to wall art, plants, and tables, as well as other decorative accents. Property News