7 Recommendations for Pokemon Display Decorations and Their Prices

Japan has released a lot of animations that color the childhood of children. In fact, they are also famous for very sophisticated and diverse video games. One of the famous animation, the Pokemon character. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Pokemon has been very worldwide and loved by many children, especially boys. Pokomen itself has many characters with the main star named Pikachu. The popularity of Pokemon animations also has an impact on children’s belongings.

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There are so many displays on the market with Pokemon themed!

If you want to buy your little one some Pokemon decorations to display at home.

1 Pikachu Action Figures

The first recommendation starts with this unique action figure. Household appliances & Furniture

Usually, the design of an action figure may not vary, only showing the character. However, this Pikachu action figure can be a very interesting consideration.

Mama can see that there is a Pikachu character that seems to be firing its power into the ground. This display is very cute and can be placed on the study table too.

2 Funko POP! Pokemon

Talking about children’s displays, Funko POP is certainly not to be missed.

With so many characters released by Funko POP, there are people who only collect these displays. Funko POP also doesn’t want to be left behind by releasing characters from Pokemon, such as Pikachu and Charmander. Perabot Unik

With a bright color, this display can make Mama’s room brighter too.

3 Hello Pika, Pikachu Talking Toy

If you are looking for a display as well as a playmate, Hello Pika is the answer.

This display is a toy that can respond and talk when activated. As the name implies, the character shown in this toy is the main character, namely Pikachu.

With a good sensor, this toy is very suitable to be included in the Pokemon Mama collection. The size is also not too big, which is only about 10 cm so it can be placed anywhere.

4 Mini Gacha Poke Machine Pokemon

Gashapon is one of the most famous toy machines.

This toy can issue a ball called ‘Gashapon’ and contains items inside. Usually, these toys are often found in malls or in front of restaurants. Well, Mama can have one of these machines at home too, you know!

Don’t worry, the Mini Gacha Poke Machine won’t take up much space because it’s not too big. In addition to making unique displays, this item can also be played for real by turning the existing lever and it will issue a mini gashapon.

5 Nanoblock Pokemon Gyarados NBPM-023

The next display can be a serious consideration based on its function. Property News

Besides being useful for room decoration, this display can also train your little one’s creativity and motor skills. How to? This nanoblock has 170 blocks in it which must be assembled first to become a complete display.

It is in this process that your little one will learn to assemble them correctly. Not Pikachu characters, but these nanoblocks have other characters, namely Gyarados.

6 Pokedel-Z Monster Ball & Pikachu

One of the characteristics of Pokemon is the ‘Pokeball’, which is a place to catch Pokemon and store them in the pokeball. You can enter your Pokemon character into this pokeball and make it come out or ‘jump’.

7 Terrarium Collection Pokemon

Are you looking for displays as well as plants in them? If so, Mama can buy this one display. Terrarium itself is a replica of the existing ecosystem and contains plants in it. The glass storage case makes the terrarium a refreshing display for the eyes.