9 Plant Ideas for Coffee Shop Decorations, Give the Store a Shady Impression

In recent times, decorating the room with plants has become popular. Not only at home, a coffee shop with the themes of green open space is one of them.

Here are plant ideas for coffee shop decorations that can be a cool choice. There are plants to hang, put on the floor, table, to the corner of the room, you know! Come on, take a peek! Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Spanish moss or Musa’s beard can be hung from a pot or placed on a pergola as a partition between tables

2 Create a shady atmosphere on the walls with deer antler nails embedded in tiny wooden planks

3 Betel ivory or suplir plants never fail in decorating a room, easy to grow, and create a fresh atmosphere

4 Dracaena has a unique shape that can be placed in the corner of the coffee shop area

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5 Suitable for industrial concept rooms, you can put kebo rubber in the front corner of the shop to welcome guests

6 Yellow palms look even better when placed in white pots, both indoors and outdoors Perabot Unik

7 For coffee shops with tropical themes, cactus plants can be a good alternative to decorate the corner of the shop

8 Ketapang violin with its lush leaves will add to the beauty of your coffee drink shop, here! Household appliances & Furniture

9 You can place paris lilies by hanging them on the edge of the porch or shop veranda

There have been many coffee shops that have sprung up with the concept of a green house. Some of these plants can be a perfect alternative to sweeten the coffee shop corner area to make it more shady. Property News