7 Home Design Applications, Easy to Design Room Decorations

Everyone has their own dream house. So, not infrequently to build that dream house, we choose to make our own design with a simple home design application, before finally giving it to professionals.

Even though it seems quite complicated, over time there are now several home design applications that you can easily use. You can even use some of them on your cellphone! Perabot Rumah Tangga

Here’s a list of home design applications that you can use to design your dream home:

1 Home Design 3D-Anuman

As the name implies, 3D-Anuman home design allows you to build, renovate, decorate, to fill the room furniture in your virtual home.

The view of the house that you have created can also be shared in three-dimensional form to other devices or platforms. Cool again, this home design application can also be used without an internet connection.

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2 3D Small House Design

Currently, the appearance of a minimalist home is very popular, because it requires less land. Through 3D Small House Design, you can create a minimalist home design to the maximum by using the various available features. Perabot Unik

3 Floor Plan Creator

This one home design application is suitable for those of you who want to design a house in detail and precision. In addition, the floor plan creator also provides a variety of interesting features ranging from multi-storey house designs to automatic calculations of the number of rooms, room area, and even walls. Floor Plan Creator also allows you to create virtual house tours.

4 Design Home

In contrast to 3D Small House Design, this Design Home application is actually suitable for those of you who want to have a magnificent and luxurious house. This application allows you to choose luxurious and expensive home accessories. Household appliances & Furniture

5 Planner 5D

You can use this home design application on your cellphone. The advantages of Planner 5D have two viewing angles, namely two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

With a three-dimensional perspective, you can feel the effect as if you were in a real home. The advantage of this application is, of course, that the application size is small, but the features provided are limited

6 Houzz Interior Design Ideas

In addition to providing design features for home decorating applications in general. One of the advantages of this application is that you can exchange ideas and get advice from experts.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas are also suitable for you to use if you don’t have a picture of your dream house because it is equipped with more than 15 million high-quality home design photos. Property News

7 SketchUp

SketchUp is one of the home design applications that is often used as an option for residential interior design. However, its use can only be done via a laptop. However, the results of your designs can also be viewed on your cellphone via the Mobile Sketch Up Viewer application.