Caliber Coffee Roaster, has a unique decor and menu

Surabaya is an urban area with a large number of cafes. But instead of just coming to a cafe, you need to look at the reviews first. Reviews from previous customers can be used as a reference so you don’t regret it after coming. Based on information from Google maps, Caliber Coffee Roasters itself has four and a half stars out of 5. This means that the cafe has a good reputation. The cafe first opened at 11 am. For those of you who are curious about the various kinds of information on Caliber Coffee Roaster, you can just take a look. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Have a very varied menu

This cafe has a varied food and drink menu. The menu themes are mostly European. Examples of drinks offered through the cafe are drinks such as Espresso, Cream Cheese Macchiato with many contents, and others. While the food served is also European themed. Each food has an attractive appearance. You can also order dessert and various cakes. There are waffles with delicious ice cream toppings. For heavy food menus, there are spaghetti and macaroni that you can order. They even provide sandwiches with varied contents ranging from vegetables, cheese, and meat. Perabot Unik

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In addition to offering an attractive menu, visitors will be amazed by the luxurious-looking decor. The ceiling is intentionally made of glass, so it can be used to display various kinds of hanging plants. While on the walls there are decorations in the form of various stone textures that are displayed along the walls. The furniture used has a natural brown concept. Household appliances & Furniture

The color of the furniture is very suitable for the concept of the walls and the sky. The combination of all the decorations will give a comfortable and cozy impression. You can try hanging out. Make sure to always comply with existing health protocols as long as the Government is allowed to hang out too. This place is suitable for a date with a partner, because it gives a romantic impression at night. The cafe is open until 8pm. Visitors can also take advantage of facilities such as fast WiFi. As a result, many students make this place to do assignments. Not bad not being able to study while snacking accompanied by the feel of a place that is not boring. Property News