Unbeatable Beautiful, Cost Room Decor with Used Items

The boarding room became one of the students’ resting places after a day of activities on campus. The boarding room is also a second home during a stay abroad.

To be able to survive for a long time, each student has their own way to be comfortable and at ease living in a boarding house. Perabot Rumah Tangga

One of them decorates the boarding room with various trinkets and certain items to make the room more aesthetic and pleasant to look at.

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Here are five tips for decorating a boarding house with second -hand items:

1 Former college assignment report paper

You who are still a student must often make a lot of assignments in each different subject and often print them with a large number of pages.

However, after being presented or assessed by the lecturer, the report was no longer useful and eventually piled up in one corner of the boarding house.

More and more college assignments are increasing and making the cost room even narrower. Instead of throwing it away, it is better to use the used report papers to decorate the walls of the room or table.

The decoration can be a butterfly, flower, or writing your name to be displayed on the wall.

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To make it even more unique, you can use certain parts to be used as display motifs. Perabot Unik

2 Bottles or gallons of used drinking water

If you are a student who likes to buy 1 liter of drinking water or a 15 liter gallon that is only used once, you can use it as a container for trinkets.

Gallons and transparent bottles can be decorated, painted, affixed with stickers or covered with patchwork to make them more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

You can put other trinkets such as beach sand, snail houses and coral reefs into bottles that are used as study table displays.

3 Stack the book or report

Not only paper can be used as a basic material to make wall decorations, stacks of assignment reports and your textbooks can also be neatly arranged into ornaments. Household appliances & Furniture

For example, the shape of the roof of the house is triangular, box, prism, and other shapes that refresh the eye.

4 Plastic beverage cups

If you like to taste different types of modern drinks, you can use a drinking glass as a container for stationery.

You simply decorate the used glass with patterned paper, or plain, to taste. Property News

5 Plastic spoons

Those of you who rarely cook food during your stay at the boarding house, of course, often buy in stalls and are given plastic forks and chopsticks.

Take advantage of these cutlery by arranging them in a large frame to be used as your wall decoration.