5 Creative Ideas for Arranging Cactus Plants for Your Home Decoration

Take a look at the room in your house right now. Is it starting to feel boring? Yes, there are times when we have to rearrange the room decorations to make it feel fresher and not boring. However, are you still confused about what decoration to choose? How about a cactus plant?

https://uniquehardware.co.uk/2021/08/12/5-creative-ideas-for-arranging-cactus-plants-for-your-home-decoration/Cactus plants are one of the most appropriate decoration choices for interiors. This is because in addition to having a distinctive shape, cacti are known to be easy to care for. As an element of interior decoration, here are some creative ideas for arranging ornamental cactus plants in your home. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Look good with the basket

Just placing a cactus pot in the corner of the room may seem normal. But look at the photo above! Rattan baskets that become pot containers actually make the cactus look much more aesthetic. Cacti can also be more flexible to be placed in various positions, because the beauty of the basket used should also be exposed.

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2 Classic with clay pots

Pots are elements that cannot be separated from indoor plants, including cacti. Therefore, choosing the right pot must be done so that a beautiful cactus becomes even more beautiful. If you like a classic look, cactus decorating ideas using clay pots can be an option. Perabot Unik

Besides being visually beautiful, clay pots are also known to be good for plants because their porosity allows moisture in the soil to be better maintained. Moreover, for cactus plants that do not require a lot of water, maintaining air circulation in the soil is very important to avoid root rot.

3 Beautiful with cups and mugs

Instead of using a pot, you can actually make a cup or mug instead. What’s more, if you have character cups, the cactus display will be very decorative. If not, you are free to be creative in painting your own cups and mugs to make them more attractive to fill the interior decoration of your home. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Arrangement of variety types

Cacti have many types. Each type has a character in the form of shape, color, or other distinctive characteristics. So, there’s nothing wrong with placing several variations of cactus types as room decorations. A collection of cactus variations like this will give the impression of being more lively and of course will immediately attract attention.

5 Cactus as the center of attention

To make indoor ornamental cacti a focal point or center of attention in the room, try choosing a large cactus. The large size will certainly immediately dominate and make its existence immediately felt. Usually, large cacti like this are placed in the corner of the room or side by side with furniture such as chairs, tables, or drawers. Property News