Suitable for decoration, here are 7 unique and aesthetic room lighting products

The room is one of the rooms in the house that will always be used. The room itself must be made as comfortable as possible because the room is used for resting.

In order to support comfort, rooms are often decorated with various interesting and eye-catching decorations. Starting from wall decoration, storage of goods, to lamps are also carefully thought out to design a room.

If you are currently looking for unique room lighting product references, don’t worry because Popbela has the solution! Here are 6 unique and aesthetic room lighting products that you can buy as decorations. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Eco-Friendly Chandelier

This lamp comes in a variety of unique and cute shapes, Bela.

The chandelier made by Karana Design is an environmentally friendly type of lamp. This lamp is good for sustainable life, moreover the materials used to make these lamps can be recycled again. Perabot Unik

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Make no mistake, although these lights are eco-friendly, they are no less cute and attractive. You can find rabbit shapes, glasses to ice cream for this decorative lamp.

With this uniqueness, your room will certainly feel more attractive. In addition, chandeliers from Karana Design have colorful colors and can be chosen according to taste.

2 Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp is a lamp that has many benefits for the room and health.

This lamp with an abstract appearance can neutralize the air, including the dust in the room. When the rooms at home are cleaner, then you and your family can rest more soundly and comfortably.

Not only that, the original Himalayan salt lamp can also balance the harmful positive ions with negative ions that function as vitamins. This Salt Glow output lamp comes in a variety of colors and benefits that vary according to color.

The lights consist of orange, red, white and gray. This lamp is not powered by a battery, but using a power cord.

3 Batik Lamps

Lampuruna is one of the traditional Indonesian wooden puppet craftsmen made in the form of lamps.

Actually Lampuruna can make various shapes according to what you want. One of his works that was displayed during the National Batik Day, namely this batik lamp. Household appliances & Furniture

They draw the wood with batik motifs and in various forms of clothes too, such as kebaya and shirts. Just highlighting the batik, the head of this wooden puppet becomes the pedestal for the lamp itself.

4 Gourd Lamps

This lamp is not made of wood, but from a pumpkin.

The gourd used is in the form of a dry shell from a grape. This fruit comes from Asia and Africa and can be found in Indonesia. This pumpkin lamp can last forever after drying, you know.

Neo, a gourd artist has shared the journey of his pumpkin lamp business. After drying, this pumpkin will be carved in such a way that it becomes a very beautiful lamp when it shines in the dark.

This lamp comes from Bali and can be shipped worldwide.

5 Rattan Lamp

One of the most widely used handicraft materials is rattan.

Not only for chairs and tables, rattan can also be used to be the shell of a lamp. One of the rattan craftsmen, Alwi Lamp, makes lamp shells made of rattan.

He sells this lamp on his personal Instagram and is open to custom shapes according to the wishes of the buyer. This lamp may be more suitable to be hung in a room that is large enough or in other large spaces such as the living room.

6 Hanging Decorative Lanterns

This last lamp has a very thick traditional touch. This Cianjur Decorative Lighting shop sells various kinds of handicraft products such as hanging decorative lights, lanterns and terrariums. These decorative lanterns also come in various shapes and colors. Property News

For those of you who have a traditional house, this lamp will be very suitable and complete the room if it is hung. In accordance with the name of the shop, this lamp is made in one of the regions in Indonesia, namely Cianjur.

7 Moon Lamp Humidifier

This lamp is very multifunctional. Besides being able to be used to illuminate the room, this moon-shaped lamp also functions as a humidifier. You just need to put essential oil in it, then when the light is turned on, the humidifier will also work automatically.

With this one moon-shaped lamp, your room will not only be more beautiful, but also smell good all night.