So Home Decorations, Easy Ways to Make Foam Mirrors a la TikTok

If you’re following the TikTok trend, you might be familiar with this DIY creation. Foam mirror or foam mirror is one of TikTok’s latest trends that has recently stolen the attention of netizens.

In recent months, the demand for foam mirrors has increased drastically. Thanks to its attractive, aesthetic and unique visuals, this type of mirror is very suitable for room decoration. Due to spending a lot of time at home, there is often a desire to make something new, one of which is making this viral foam mirror. Perabot Rumah Tangga

To make a foam mirror, it turns out that the method is quite easy, you know, Ma. It only requires a few supplies which can be found at the nearest hardware store. Perabot Unik

Therefore, now has prepared information on how to make a foam mirror like on TikTok to make the corner of Mama’s house more aesthetic. Household appliances & Furniture

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Materials for Making Foam Mirrors

To make a foam mirror at home, there are several materials that you need to prepare in advance. The following materials are needed, including:

  • Mirrors or glass of various shapes and sizes
  • tarpaulin
  • Used bricks or cardboard
  • Masking tape or old newspaper
  • Developer foam spray
  • Wall paint or spray paint with the color you like
  • Gloves
  • Face mask

Steps to Make Foam Mirror Property News

There are simple steps to make a foam mirror at home, here are some steps:

  • Place a tarp on the floor as a base, so that the floor of Mama’s house is not exposed to paint. If you have a garage or backyard, it is advisable to make a mirror outdoors. Or if you want to make a mirror in the house, choose a room that has good air ventilation.
  • Use old bricks or cardboard to place the mirror face up. Make sure to position the mirror in the middle of the tarp, Ma.
  • After putting on the mask and gloves, spray the expandable foam in a zigzag motion around the edge of the mirror. Note that the foam will float significantly, so don’t spray too much on the area around the mirror.
  • Allow the foam to expand and dry optimally before decorating it further. If you are satisfied with the existing color, then you can immediately display it at home after it dries.
  • But if you want to add some color, try painting the edges of the foam in whatever color you like. Before applying spray paint, don’t forget to cover the mirror surface with masking tape or old newspaper as protection. In addition, Mama can also use brushes and wall paint to get neater results.

3 Tips for making foam mirrors to make them neater

Before practicing some of the methods described above, you also need to know tips for making foam mirrors so that the results are neater, here are some tips:

  • Remember to protect your hands with gloves and plastic or cardboard so that things around the room are protected from foam. The reason, this type of foam is very sticky and almost impossible to remove after spraying. Therefore, it is recommended to make this DIY outdoors.
  • However, if you accidentally spray foam paint on an unwanted area, don’t remove it right away. Because this will only make the existing mess worse. Instead, let the paint harden completely first. Then, try to scrape it slowly.
  • Do not spray too much foam paint, because after spraying the foam will expand almost three times its initial volume. You can add an extra layer to make the glass frame wider only if you feel the need.