12 Unique Wedding Decoration Inspirations, Easy to Copy!

The wedding ceremony is clearly one of the sacred moments for the bride and groom to be perfect, starting from the clothes, concept, food, and what should not be forgotten, namely the decoration.

Decorations at a wedding are usually closely related to the concept of the wedding that you are carrying. Whether it takes the concept of traditional, modern, casual, or even formal. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Currently, there are many unique wedding decorations that are not only aesthetic, but also give a deep impression on the hearts of the bride and the guests. For those of you who are preparing for a wedding, you can copy some of the unique wedding decorations below. It’s really easy, really, to imitate!

1 Harry Potter style wedding decoration

Potterheads come closer. Maybe this unique wedding decoration is quite ‘bold’ by combining the concept of a wizard style with the wedding ceremony. The choice of this theme will feel more complete if it is supported by the selection of a venue that has an interior resembling a castle. Property News

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Don’t forget also the property details that make Harry Potter feel, such as the bride wearing a tiara resembling Rowena Ravenclaw’s, a drinking glass in the shape of a goblet, to a magic wand as a souvenir for the guests. That’s great, right?

2 Game of Thrones style wedding decorations

Now, if you and your partner are Game of Thrones fans, you can also make decorations inspired by the series. You can modify the bride’s seat into a ‘throne’ typical of Game of Thrones. Also choose wedding dresses, invitation cards, and souvenirs that support this theme, yes. Perabot Unik

3 Fairytales

Want to feel like a princess last night? Then a unique fairytale-style wedding decoration can also be your choice. You can take a fairytale decoration theme depending on your favorite classic fairy tale.

Usually the fairytale decoration will be filled with flowers. In addition, rows of trees and colorful lights are also used to support this concept. Choose a color according to your favorite color, yes, Bela.

4 Colorful wedding

If you want a more cheerful and fresh atmosphere, maybe this unique wedding concept can be the right choice.

Using a lot of color palettes and looking flashy, apparently it can be an interesting idea, you know. Create flowers in a variety of colors to create fun decorations. You can also, you know, ask guests to wear clothes with striking colors so that the concept feels more ‘wow’.

5 Twilight-style wedding decorations

Remember that Edward and Bella’s wedding was so beautiful in the Twilight movie. You can also imitate their wedding decorations with an outdoor concept, especially in the current pandemic conditions, more and more people are choosing to have their wedding ceremony outdoors. Household appliances & Furniture

To complete this Twilight-style decoration, you will need a row of wooden chairs and choose white flowers to add to the elegant impression. While the decoration of the aisle uses a combination of white flowers and vines. Very beautiful!