Cute! Pink Decorating Ideas in the Bedroom

A bedroom with a hot pink color may be a separate choice for Mama who likes it. The pink color also doesn’t just reflect girls’ rooms, you know.

How to decorate a bedroom that can describe the owner, starting from the color preferences of the walls, furniture, and even accessories in the room area.

Here has summarized the idea of ​​​​a pink bedroom. You can also take this into consideration when looking for details ranging from wallpaper and supporting furniture. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Should the dominant color be pink?

Even though you or your kids really like pink, don’t let the whole room become too dominant with that color.

Make sure to still choose some items or furniture that can be combined with these colors.

Headboard or headboard

Having a pink bedroom doesn’t mean you have to color every detail of the bedroom with that color, you know.

You may have white walls and put some furniture in your favorite color, which is pink. Perabot Unik

A headboard would be a great choice if it’s pink, you can also pair it with white pillows.

  • Sheets

The color of the bedcover that Mama uses can bring a different feel to the room. Mix and match with the color of the walls too!

You can use pale bedcover colors such as pale pink and pale white. Then add different pillow colors like beige, dark red, even cranberry red. Household appliances & Furniture

  • Palate

If you don’t want too much pink by painting the walls, another alternative can be just painting the ceiling.

A pale white color for the walls will make the room look bright but pale. Coloring the ceiling with the kind of pink that Mama likes will be a great idea for the bedroom.

2 Ideas for adding pink color to the bedroom walls

Colors on the walls of the room can be varied and added with other appropriate elements. Mama must know first what elements can be added on the walls of the room. Property News

  • Dare to add pink

Bedrooms with pale colors mostly indicate that the owner is most likely a calm, simple, and deep thinker.

If you like to express yourself on something, try something bold for the room, especially the walls.

A hot pink or pink color with a mix of colors like white would be a great idea complemented by a brush stroke pattern.

  • You can also paint on the wall

Walls can be the best canvas you ever draw whatever you want to see every day.

Murals are trendy right now, and why not bring them into Mama’s bedroom at home?

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Don’t waste a second if you really like painting, it will be something special when painting walls.

But if you’re not sure about your painting skills, you can ask someone to help you paint your favorite mural on the wall.

3 Choosing the right accessories for a pink room

Adding some indoor plants will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the room. In addition, indoor plants provide many health benefits, for example to maintain the freshness of the air in the room.

Next, Mama can choose a cute and beautiful pot that matches the bedroom. In addition, it is very good if you add motivational words stuck on the wall.

Another thing that can be an accessory in the room and is also useful is the carpet. The rug gives off a warm vibe, just like its function.

Choose a carpet that matches the decor of the room. Don’t forget to clean it regularly because that’s where dust likes to gather.