Wall decoration is one of the most important elements for a person’s first impression of a dwelling. With wall decoration, it will certainly make the house look more alive and feel comfortable. One of the wall decorations that can be applied is a minimalist and modern concept, which of course can make its own comfort for visitors or residents of the house. There are many ways and materials that we can use to make our homes more beautiful and comfortable. From simple, minimalist to modern which of course adjusts to each budget, yes. Intrigued by the model of wall decoration that can be applied in your home? Let’s take a peek at what we can use to decorate the walls of our homes to make them look beautiful and beautiful. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Decorate the Wall with Painting

Paintings are wall decorations that are commonly used by people to beautify the walls of the house. Just like photos, paintings are also one of the wall decorations that people often use to decorate the walls of the living room. You can use paintings in small to large sizes, paintings of living things, inanimate objects to abstract paintings for your living room. This wall decoration can add aesthetic value to your living room. In addition, painting can also be a solution for Pins who need a small living room decoration. You can also make your own paintings to save money by using canvas and watercolors for painting. Perabot Unik

2 Beautify walls with Collages

Collage is a work of art made from pasted pieces, shards or pieces of various objects into a certain shape. These cut patches can be leaves, flowers, cloth, glass, seeds, photos, magazines and much more. You can stick collages as wall decorations for your living room to make it more aesthetic.

Collages can be a solution for Pins who need a small living room wall decoration at an affordable price. This is because you can make your own collages without having to buy them at a home decor store. Pins can prepare frames and backgrounds made of cardboard. Collect the pieces, shards or pieces you want to paste into the collage. Household appliances & Furniture

Try to glue the pieces tightly so that when they are inserted into the frame, they remain firmly attached to the background. After attaching the various pieces to the background, wait for the glue to dry completely. Once the glue is dry and the pieces on the background are firmly attached, you can insert the collage into the frame and display it on the living room wall.

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3 Unique with Wall Stickers

The next wall decoration that you can use to beautify your home is wall stickers. With a variety of patterns and themes you can choose according to the character that you will paste in your room. In terms of cost, the use of this wall sticker is much cheaper, you know. With an application that is quite easy to do too. Wall stickers are a unique alternative for those of you who have a minimalist budget to decorate your room. How beautiful is not the room above? are you interested in trying it? Property News

4 Clocks, Wall Pots and Aphorisms

The next wall decoration is a rustic themed wall decoration. For those of you who have a minimalist residential theme. This decoration is suitable for application to your minimalist room, too. The rustic theme is indeed a favorite to beautify a minimalist room. Even though it only uses a minimalist wall decoration, this living room is still charming. Unique wall clock between two funnel-shaped wall flower pots, and there is aphorisms on the wall next to it. Interesting right? The simple impression that is highlighted in a room with this decoration even sweetens your room.

5 Simple with Rectangle Glass

The next wall decoration is the inspiration for wall decoration using rectangular glass. A simple but luxurious impression really stands out, doesn’t it in this room? This wall decoration with glass also doesn’t spend an expensive budget, you know. With a touch of wood flooring, it adds an attractive classci impression to this room. So there are many ways to decorate your home, from simple to modern. So, how do you like simple wall decorations like this?