The charm of natural rattan material for your home interior decoration

Unique and natural! That’s the right impression to describe the charm of various furniture made of rattan. Lately, rattan is on the rise. The reason is that the design of rattan furniture is increasingly varied and no less competitive with wooden furniture. Not only as outdoor furniture, rattan furniture is also an option to be placed in the house. Well, here is the inspiration for rattan decorations that will change the atmosphere of the house to be more beautiful and natural!

Suitable for Earthy Tone Concept

The earthy tone color concept that combines cream, brown, white, gray and green colors can create a more beautiful and peaceful home atmosphere. Not just playing with colors, the earthy tone concept needs to be supported with suitable furniture. This concept will strengthen the design of the room using natural furniture. One example is pouf or round seating made of rattan. Rattan decoration in the form of a pouf is very harmonious side by side with wooden floors and carpets from natural materials. The natural impression is really felt! Perabot Rumah Tangga

Favorite Rattan Decoration, Large Lampshade

Rattan is a versatile material that is flexible and easy to shape like bamboo. In addition to furniture, rattan material can be made into a variety of home decorations, from mirror frames to lampshades. If you want to try to bring a touch of rattan material into your home, a large lampshade that will immediately steal your attention can be the right choice. The natural color of the rattan and the cavities between the weaves create an extraordinarily beautiful glow effect. Perabot Unik

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Simple and Neat Rattan Touch

It doesn’t have to be in large quantities, a touch of rattan that is not excessive actually makes this material stand out. For example, a sideboard with a simple and neat model. This small room sideboard with a combination of rattan and wood looks very attractive, warm, and at the same time steals attention in a room that is dominated by white and gray colors.

Rattan in Modern Shades

Incorporating rattan decorations does not necessarily have to remodel the elements in a room. Rattan furniture can be integrated with various other furniture designs. For example, in this family room, the presence of a simple rattan pouf does not interfere with the modern feel in the family room. Rattan furniture for living rooms, such as this rattan pouf, actually enriches the texture while giving a warmer feel. Household appliances & Furniture

Blending with Vintage Interior

Rattan material that maintains its natural color, the longer it looks worn out. For this reason, rattan furniture like this is very suitable to be paired with vintage furniture. Of course, you can choose a classic rattan furniture model. This classic rattan chair is quite large with distinctive arches. All parts of the chair are made of rattan, including the frame which is wrapped in rattan webbing.

Color Games to Show the Fun of Rattan Furniture

Combining natural rattan materials with other textures and colors is the key to highlighting the beauty of rattan. Natural colors such as green and beige can be an option. Furniture and decorations made from natural materials such as earthenware, wood and bamboo are very suitable side by side with rattan furniture. Likewise with natural decorations such as ornamental plants. Property News