Simple Wedding Decoration, Not Many Knick-knacks. Those who like minimalism, it’s definitely suitable

Who wouldn’t be disappointed if their dream wedding was suddenly canceled due to an unexpected event? The well-prepared plan along with the prepared backup plan still cannot be implemented. As a result, with a heavy heart, the marriage was postponed until more favorable circumstances. However, until now the situation has not improved. There are no more guests flocking to come, only the closest people can join in. You can still make your dream wedding come true with simple yet alluring decorations like the one below. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 If you want to get married with a private concept on the beach, a design like this can be your choice!

Holding a wedding on the beach is a dream for many people. The beautiful and romantic beach atmosphere will give a deep impression to anyone who attends it. To compensate for the beautiful beach atmosphere, the decorations used do not need to be too crowded. Enough with a little accent of flowers combined with a wooden chair will give a beautiful and elegant impression.

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2 Minimalist with a very contemporary rustic style. Want to try?

Weddings with a minimalist style like this may be rare, but in the midst of a pandemic like this, a minimalist style is suitable for use. No need for overly crowded decorations, this minimalist style wedding emphasizes the intimacy and warmth of the people present. Perabot Unik

You can try this style of flowers with white as the main color or your favorite color. Interested?

If you dream of a magnificent wedding, this glamorous but still simple decoration can be your choice. Even though it is only attended by family and close relatives, you can still fulfill your desire to create the wedding of your dreams. You can also hold this kind of wedding around your home because it doesn’t take up much space.

You can apply 4 rustic minimalists like this if you are married to the outdoor concept

If a wedding in a building is difficult to carry out, the choice of an outdoor venue like the one above might be right for you. You don’t need decorations that are too crowded, just a few grasses and leaves can still look beautiful. You can also marry wisely in the presence of only the closest family.

5 Try a minimalist aisle style with this pastel floral design. Your photos will be able to focus more on you and your partner!

If you choose to have your wedding in a building, this rustic theme with pastel flowers is perfect for you. It doesn’t take up much space, it’s still beautiful, but it also looks luxurious. Household appliances & Furniture

You can try these 6 garden weddings with earth-tone colors too.

If you are bored with white, the earth-tone color choice for this garden party seems interesting. With simple decorations, just with the addition of flowers, the wedding can feel warmer and closer. A wedding in this kind of place can also give the impression of being spacious and calming, even though it doesn’t actually require such a large area. Property News