Inspiration for Boys’ Boarding Room Decorations ala Rafdi

Boarding rooms are a substitute for homes for overseas children. Although the size is not too big, every nomad who occupies a boarding room will design all corners in such a way to be comfortable. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Boys have a very big difference with girls so that when designing a design, it is also adjusted to the character and taste.

For example, Muhammad Rafdi Akbar. This immigrant who has a melancholy character is currently studying at a state university, Malang, East Java.

To, Tuesday (14/9/2021), he recounted that he had been occupying a boarding room measuring 3 x 4 square meters on Jalan Margo Basuki, since a year ago.

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Rafid designed his boarding room according to his character and taste, such as installing decorative elements and other knick-knacks to make it look aesthetic. Perabot Unik

“In addition, so as not to get bored quickly because the boarding rooms here are mostly monotonous,” said Rafdi.

The budget spent around IDR 3 million to buy knick-knacks such as shisha, abstract paintings, LED strip lambu, bookshelves, Google Home Mini and carpets.

“Other furniture has been provided by the owner of the boarding house,” he added.

He uses shisha as air freshener, breaking the traditional notion that male boarding rooms smell and are dirty.

Here’s the inspiration for the decorative elements in Rafid’s boarding room:

1 LED strip light

Lamps that use light-emitting diodes or LED technology are known for their electrical efficiency that is superior to incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps. Household appliances & Furniture

LED strip lights are effective in building a new atmosphere in a room and are often an option for decorating a room.

When the lights are on, the interior under the lights looks luxurious. The price of a 15 meter long LED lamp is Rp. 150,000.

2 Triple stacked bookshelves

Three stacked shelves are used as storage media for books to support learning when studying.

Besides that, it is also used as a storage for small items such as stationery, college bags, laptop chargers and so on.

3 Motif Carpet

Carpet is a decoration that is often used, and usually the type of fur is the most widely chosen.

Variety of sizes and shapes must be considered. Do not just buy because different carpets are also different ways to keep them clean. Property News

Installing a carpet is proven to add to the beauty of the room. Lots of motifs and colors of carpets.

Installation of carpet in the room can be used as a silencer for noise such as sound from electronic devices, television, radio, screaming, and footsteps.

Not only that, the carpet can be used as a base when moving on the floor.

4 Shisha

Generally, shisa is used as a means of smoking tobacco. However, the sisha can also be used as a decorative element because of its unique shape like a cup.

Sisha is a tool in the form of a large tube equipped with one to four hoses resembling an elephant’s trunk but smaller and has a length of 50 cm – 1.5 m.

The tube, called the bong, is made of crystal and brass metal with a height of between 60 cm and 70 cm.

In addition, there are ceramic rubber, charcoal grills, flame coal, and hookah foil which have several aromas such as apple, orange, herbal, mint, capucino.

5 Abstract painting

The benefits of abstract painting in interior design are actually very many. From an abstract perspective as a wall decoration, the benefits are the same as other paintings in general.

The pictures do not convey anything concrete, abstract paintings seem difficult to understand. Only certain people like this type of painting.

The impression is that abstract painting has become a work of art for the elite and is only understood by the intellectuals.

How to enjoy the benefits of abstract painting can be done by looking at the harmony of the arrangement of the visual elements.

Visual elements in the form of composition, color, line, and texture of the painting to create a certain impression and message, for example while relaxing listening to music after doing college assignments.

6 Google Home Mini

The basic function of the Google Home Mini is as a Bluetooth Speaker with clear sound quality.

Using Google Home mini is like having your own Home Assistant that you can command at your own pace.

In addition, it saves electricity too. This talking speaker, is able to carry out his daily tasks according to a customized routine schedule.

For example, the use of air conditioning and room lights that are set to turn off every 06.00 am.