9 Ria Ricis’s Application Decorations, Floral Themed with Pink Shades

Youtuber Ria Yunita or popularly known as Ria Ricis, was officially proposed by her lover named Teuku Ryan on Thursday (23/9/2021) afternoon. This couple is steadily stepping into the aisle after almost a year of being close.

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s application combines modern concepts with some traditional touches, such as Acehnese dance performances. Come on, take a peek at the floral-inspired decoration of Ria Ricis’s proposal with a choice of bright colors! Perabot Rumah Tangga

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1 Ricis and Ryan’s application was held in the ballroom of a luxury hotel, attended by family and friends with strict health protocols

2 The decoration style is dominated by a combination of green and white with a striking touch of pink, according to Ricis’s favorite color Perabot Unik

3 Two large vases with mirror-lined tube bottoms greeted the entrance. There is a photo booth with the faces of the bride and groom

4 Ricis’s application decoration carries the concept of a modern garden with a beautiful feel

5 The backdrop looks like a wall covered with leaves and limonium flowers and baby’s-breath as the main decoration background

6 The backdrop area is also decorated with white panels and flower arrangements dominated by pink

7 Two large replicas of trees on the right and left of the backdrop, add a beautiful i mpression to the venue for Ricis and Ryan’s proposal Household appliances & Furniture

8 Family tables and chairs are gold, a color that always manages to give the impression of luxury when combined with any style

9 Aisle from the entrance to the application stage is covered in white vinyl and lined with bushes of limonium Property News