Korean-style Minimalist Room Decoration Tips, Guaranteed Very Aesthetic

In the midst of lifestyle changes such as recent times, the function of the room has leveled up. In addition to being a place to rest, many also make the room a room to spend more time starting from working, looking for inspiration, to doing hobbies. So, making the room as comfortable as possible is very important.

One of the things that can be done to support comfort in the room is rearranging the decor. An aesthetic Korean-style minimalist room can be the right choice, you know. Come on, try the following tips for execution!

A Touch of Neutral Color On Wall Paint

Have you ever noticed the rooms in Korean dramas? Even though the title is different, the typical rooms shown have one thing in common, namely using a touch of neutral color on the wall paint. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The choice of neutral colors is what supports the minimalist vibes and ambience in the bedroom. You don’t just have to be white, you can give a touch of cream, ivory, beige, or other neutral colors that can match the feel of the room you want to display.

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Bed Sheet Selection Is Also Important

After paying attention to the use of wall paint colors, the next step that affects the Korean vibes in the bedroom is the sheets used. You could say the sheets are also the main determining factor that emphasizes the Korean look element in the bedroom.

Avoid using sheets with flashy colors or patterns. Instead, you can choose minimalist sheets such as plain sheets or without motifs with beautiful pastel colors, plaid motifs, or polka dots that are not too crowded. To be more animated, also use a bed cover or blanket that has the same pattern and color. Perabot Unik

Minimalist Curtains According to the Room Concept

Having a large enough window in the room does feel nice because you can enjoy the outside view. However, don’t forget to support the appearance of the room to make it look minimalist by choosing the right curtains too.

If you want to give a strong Korean touch to your bedroom, don’t forget to install minimalist curtains that are guaranteed to be aesthetic. Choose fabric curtains that are plain or without patterns. In addition, you can also use roller blinds or vertical blinds that match the desired minimalist concept.

Use Feather Carpets to Add Aesthetic Feel

If you want to decorate your room to match the Korean look, you still need a few other things. For example, the addition of a feather rug on the floor can increase the aesthetic impression of the bedroom. Household appliances & Furniture

Choose a feather rug genius with a neutral color to highlight the minimalist side that is shown in the room. In addition, avoid choosing colors that are too bright or have busy motifs because the impression of a Korean bedroom will not be conveyed.

Complete Other Ornaments

After finishing decorating your dream Korean-style bedroom, the next step is to complete other ornaments. For example, by preparing wood elements in the room through wooden furniture, installing minimalist wall shelves, to adding ornamental plants in the corner of the window to add freshness to the eye when looking at it.

For those who are undergoing WFH or working from home, you can also add elements of a minimalist work desk and chair that can strengthen the Korean touch in your room. Property News