9 DIY Paper Wall Decoration Ideas, Economical and Eco-Friendly

Decorating the walls of the room can make you feel more at home and feel comfortable at home. Especially because activities outside the home are limited due to the pandemic and we are mostly at home. Wall decorations can give a new color to the house to make it more memorable.

If you are considering buying home wall hangings, it’s better to try another idea, which is to make your own with paper materials. Not only is it more economical, you can also channel creativity. Let’s look at DIY wall decoration ideas from paper that can be imitated. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Paper with yellow and green colors that have been shaped by flowers will be contrast and stand out when using a black and white frame

2 Want more colorful decorations? You can arrange color gradations from paper and frame them Perabot Unik

3 Making simple, colorful flowers and sticking them on the wall can also make the room aesthetic

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4 If you don’t like origami, you can consider making colorful abstract paintings on paper

5 Cutting blue paper into a butterfly shape will make the room feel dramatic and charming Household appliances & Furniture

6 Simple and uncomplicated, using leftover wrapping paper and forming a heart is also an interesting idea

7 You can also use glossy wrapping paper if you like a futuristic feel

8 The rest of the wrapping paper can be cut into flower shapes and make the walls of the room colorful

9 By using colored tissue paper, you can make it into a flower-shaped wall hanging Property News