Decorating a Small Room is Not Boring, Choose Large Furniture and Bright Colors

When you have a small space, decorations that are often recommended are the use of white, small furniture, and plain walls without decoration.

In fact, you can choose a more pleasant decoration even though the room is small. With the right way, a small room can look beautiful to the eye. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Here are seven rules that are often avoided in small spaces, but can be applied with proper use, quoted from The Spruce.

1 Small furniture size

Instead of using small pieces of furniture, large pieces of furniture add appeal to a small space. Using a lot of furniture with small sizes only makes it feel cramped. Perabot Unik

We recommend that you use one large piece of furniture so that the appearance of the room is more balanced.

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2 Few things

Having a small room, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Don’t be afraid to display your antiques, art collections in a small space.

You can also decorate a small room with your favorite color. Make sure that the colors you choose stay balanced. For example, use soft colors on the walls.

Choose furniture with a natural style so you can easily mix and match it with your collection of antiques or art objects.

3 Paint the ceiling in bright colors

Dark ceilings or ceilings can make a room look more alive, especially with white walls. Household appliances & Furniture

However, you can use light colors because they make the room feel bright.

4 Use carpet

If done right, rugs can create a different atmosphere in a small room. Use a large rug to cover the entire floor.

5 Dark walls

If you want to have dark walls at home, you can apply it to the kitchen. Use dark color walls, and cabinets with contrasting light colors.

For example, you use black for the walls, and balance it with a white ceiling or white kitchen set. White paint creates a good illusion on dark walls.

6 Matching dining utensils

Matching dinner sets may look beautiful, but you can make them more stylish with different dinner sets.

Make sure that the chair you choose has the right height for the table you are using.

For a contemporary look, you can use the same chair in a different color. Property News

7 Lighting

Recessed ceiling lights enhance small spaces. Use the right light for every spot in your room.