Urban Pop-Style Home Decoration Ideas, Millennials Here!

The urban pop interior style is a combination of modern urban design and pop art. This style prioritizes the impression of a room or house that is thick with the spirit of young people. Full of positive vibes, expressive, warm, attractive, and cheerful! Perabot Rumah Tangga

Very fitting for millennials who have a high artistic spirit, you can place some special decorations that represent an urban pop house. There anything? Check out the following choices of urban pop-style decorations.

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1 Use a feather rug with colorful geometric motifs to create a room that looks spacious, elegant, but fun!

2 Don’t miss it, you can give a living room with an urban concept a pop touch from the seat cushions of various colors, motifs, and textures Perabot Unik

3 Determine the focal point in your home. For example, the choice of a minimalist sofa with two contrasting colors with a neutral color as a counterbalance

4 When it comes to pop art, pop art-style paintings or posters are a must have. Put everything together in a minimalist frame for the living room Household appliances & Furniture

5 Full of high aesthetic value, this colorful futuristic retro-style chair will steal the show Property News