Tips for Rent Decoration so it’s Not Boring

When decorating a rental, the first thing you should do is ask the owner for permission. Some landlords apply a prohibition on changing the interior to the color of the wall paint.

If permission has been pocketed, you are free to change the appearance of the rental with decorations as you wish. However, don’t forget that comfort is the main thing.

Adjust the decor you want with the size of the room, and don’t sacrifice comfort. Here are tips for renting decorations quoted by The Spruce. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Photo and crop

Some homeowners sometimes forbid the walls to be nailed or drilled. Even though you want to display photos or hang plants.

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For rented decoration you can put photos and plants on the table. If you still want to decorate the walls, you can use double-sided tape to hang your photo collage.

2 Use wallpaper

If you want to change the look of your bathroom without repainting it, we recommend using wallpaper. Currently, there are many decorative items that can be applied easily. Perabot Unik

You want to add glass, but it’s impossible to punch holes in the walls with nails or drills, you should use a mirror that can be pasted like wallpaper.

3 Take advantage of each area

When decorating your home, use your creativity to beautify the room. For example, there is a green corner where you can relax while reading with plant decorations.

4 beautiful lights

Decorating a rented room with Tumblr lights will enhance the atmosphere of the room. The inexpensive price of the lamp makes decorating activities more enjoyable.

If you need a lamp to decorate a corner of the room, you can use a standing lamp or floor lamp. Currently, there are many lamps at affordable prices but with contemporary designs. Household appliances & Furniture

5 Floor stickers

If you want to change the appearance of the floor easily, you can use special floor stickers that are widely sold in the market place. If you want to use natural elements, you can use vinyl flooring. Property News