Government Provides Export Facilitation for Home Decoration Entrepreneurs

The Ministry of Trade together with five institutions signed a cooperation agreement to form an export acceleration program for home decoration products and small furniture, especially those made by Small and Medium Enterprises.

These five institutions are the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the National Crafts Council, the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association and the Business and Export Development Organization (BEDO). Perabot Rumah Tangga

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The Director General of National Export Development (PEN) of the Ministry of Trade Didi Sumedi said this collaboration program was called “Acceleration of Small and Medium Enterprises/Small Industries and Medium Industries Ready to Export”, or abbreviated as “I am Ready to Export”.

“This is through intensive coaching so that we can enter the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other international markets,” said Didi as quoted from his statement, Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

Didi explained, the ‘I’m Ready to Export’ program is intended for SMEs and IKM to help develop a marketing plan that considers the target market, so that business actors get foreign buyers.  Perabot Unik

He also explained that this program is specially designed for companies that are still in the early stages of preparing for export. This is done because home decoration products and furniture are considered to have a very important role for the Indonesian economy.

“As one of the sectors that contribute to a large economic growth in Indonesia, home decoration and furniture products have a very important role for Indonesia,” he said.

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This program has basically been implemented since June 2021, starting with socialization to home decoration and small furniture businesses throughout Indonesia.  Household appliances & Furniture

As a result, 114 selected program participants will be mentored directly by experienced trainers and mentors in the home decoration and small furniture industry who are members of Dekranas, HIMKI, and BEDO.

The focus of this program is the export preparation phase. This phase includes strengthening the internal organization of SMEs, assistance in developing export strategies and plans, business practices and negotiations, as well as other supporting materials.  Property News