Let’s Listen! Tips for decorating a room without windows to make it comfortable

Having a room without windows is certainly a little uncomfortable. For that, there are how many decorating tips at home.

A number of these decorating tips are certainly important and you can apply them to rooms without windows at home. So, what are the tips? Perabot Rumah Tangga

Here are some tips for decorating rooms without windows, namely:

First. Bring Plants – The lack of air circulation in a room without windows, then you need fresh air. The existence of these ornamental plants will reduce the gloomy impression in your room.

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Especially with the lack of existing lighting. Although you don’t have to choose real plants, if that’s not possible, you can still use artificial ornamental plants.

Second. Light colored paint – You should choose a light, soothing wall color. Like white, cream, or blue. Perabot Unik

Be sure to avoid using dark colors. Like black or gray. Light colors can create the impression of spacious and comfortable in a room without windows.  Household appliances & Furniture

Third. Install Small Decorative Lights – You can also place small decorative lights at several points in the room. Not only gives an interesting effect, this lamp will balance the room and bring a comfortable atmosphere.   Property News