Uniquely kokedama can be used as home decorations, this is how to make it yourself at home

Ever with Kokedama? It turns out the same as bonsai, namely the art of ding trees, kokedama is art of planting flowers or ornamental plants formed in the ball. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The origin of the Kokedama word is “coke” moss and “Dama” which means the ball. So, it can be interpreted as a moss ball that is a substitute for potted plants.

The kokedama form is unique because round can be used as decorations at home so that it is more beautiful. What plants can it be made to be kokedama? Perabot Unik

Plants that are suitable for kokedama are usually ferns, betel ivory, begonia, and succulent plants.

Then, how do you make your own Kokedama home? It turns out we can make your own cockedam at home with your own garden equipment, how come.

Launching from Gardening Know How, see how to make ornamental plants with this Kokedama technique, let’s!.

Friends need the Akadama who functions to maintain moisture and peat moss, peat soil that can be purchased at the nearest farm shop. Household appliances & Furniture

Materials and tools needed:

Prepare equipment and materials that we can get at an agricultural shop.

  • Planting Media, Mixed Tanah Akadama and Peat Moss
  • Plant (Choose the maintenance is easy and suitable for life in the damp)
  • Dried flower moss
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Newspaper or tarpaulin as a work base

How to make aokedama:

1 Before starting to make Kokedama, use the glove so as not to pollute the hands of friends.

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Then, prepare a newspaper or tarpaulin as a base on the floor. Next, we can take moss and moistened so as not to dry or we can also soak it for 1 hour and squeeze before making Kokedama Property News

2 After that, take the media mixed plants and peat moss, to mix it add water and stir until we get a solid form like a ball. Form into a solid ball by hand.

3 Then, remove plants from plant media carefully so as not to damage plant roots.

Clean the plant roots from the ground, before being included in the new mixed plants of the contract, Peat Moss, and moss.

Make a hole in the new plant media so that the root can be included. Well, when inserting plant roots into the hole make sure the compacted planting media is not destroyed by spraying water.

4 If the root is covered and comes back the Cokedama planting media. Next is covering the entire surface of the planting media shaped with moss and roll with thread or rope.

5 Hang or place the Kokedama in the container and put it in a place where it gets sunlight.

Well, that’s the friends of making Kokedama besides sharpening skills. Kokedama art can also make the look of ornamental plants become more unique. Come on, it can be tried to add a collection of ornamental plants and beautify houses.