No longer a home office, these are the 4 home decor trends for 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many changes in life including limited mobility so that most work from home. This creates a trend of home office or home office decoration. Perabot Rumah Tangga

However, the pandemic which is predicted to start to improve also provides another change in the upcoming 2022 trend. In 2022, home decorating trends are more about creativity and connecting with the outdoor environment.

There are 4 home decorations that are predicted to trend in the coming year. Anything? Let’s take a peek quoted from the Architectural Digest page.

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Home Bar
Enjoying coffee and other drinks while hanging out with friends or family is certainly fun. Before the pandemic, coffee shops were often visited. Household appliances & Furniture

According to interior design Jim Dove, now the pandemic is limiting this, especially the crowd, so bar decorations at home are quite in demand.

Besides being more comfortable, of course gathering at home with a few relatives will be safer and minimize the transmission of COVID-19.

Multifunction Room

Design Studio Keren Ritcher admitted that he is currently busy with many requests to design a house with an open and large concept with few partitions. It aims to give a sense of spaciousness and flexibility so that the room becomes multifunctional. Perabot Unik

Whether it’s for virtual meetings, indoor sports, or school activities for children. Cool to refer to the style of this open space such as doors or walls that can be folded with minimalist equipment.

Technology Free Creative Zone
The pandemic has made many people dependent on technology, especially smartphones. For this reason, the interior design of Eche Martinez calls the room that used to be a warehouse, now starting to change its function as a ‘technology-free creative zone’.

Here, family members can chat with each other and get closer in a variety of interesting creative ways and of course equipped with multifunctional equipment.

Outdoor Concept
In the era of social distancing, the past year has inspired many people to be close to the outdoors. And designers believe that it will last a long time. Many people began to ask interior designers to make the kitchen include the garden at once.

“Since 2020, I think the outdoor landscape has been appreciated in a new way, it is considered more of an extension of the home,” says landscape designer Christian Douglas. Property News

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