Tips for Planting and Caring for Jade Plants as Home Decorations

To grow it by leaf cuttings, make sure that we select the healthiest leaves from mature branches and carefully remove them. Perabot Rumah Tangga

“Remove the leaf stems with it, where new roots and baby leaves will grow,” says Marino.

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“Leave the leaves in a dry place until the bottom peels off, then place them on new potting soil and spray a little water every week,” he said.

A new jade plant will eventually grow from where the leaves were removed from the parent plant.

Marino also suggests speeding up the growth process by dipping the tips into root hormone powder after scraping, and before placing them on the ground.

To grow it from stem cuttings, Marino says, we need to use pruning shears and take healthy stem cuttings.

Then, leave the stems in a dry place until the undersides peel off, then repeat the same steps as for cutting the leaves.

Can’t be over-watered
As with all succulents, excessive watering of jade plants can be fatal.

Marino recommends watering jade plants only when the potting mix is ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely dry.  Household appliances & Furniture

To check it, stick our finger on the ground. If the soil sticks to our fingers, do not water. If there is no soil, it’s time to water.

“If we are nervous about watering too much, wait until the leaves of the jade plant wrinkle before watering again,” he said.

“This is a sign of thirst in fleshy and succulent plants,” he continued.

Requires rocky soil
Traditional potting soil mixes will not work with jade or other succulent plants.

This plant requires rocky or granular soil that allows proper drainage and avoids root rot.  Perabot Unik

Choosing a terra cotta pot for your jade plant will also retain moisture, so you can maintain the infrequent watering schedule it wants.

“Choose well-drained sandy soil to grow this plant like a succulent mix,” says Marino.

Pay attention to the lighting and temperature
Since the jade plant comes from a warm and dry environment, it is best to replicate these conditions indoors as closely as possible for the jade plant to thrive.

If our plant gets enough sunlight, the leaves will probably develop with a beautiful red border. Property News

“Keep the temperature around 23 degrees Celsius and place it in a place that receives bright direct light,” says Marino.

“If our room doesn’t receive good natural light, position the jade plant under the light of the room instead,” he continued.