Home Decoration Entrepreneurs Asked to Aim for the European Market

Home decoration product business actors are asked to expand their market to Europe. The Ministry of Trade said it would prepare export facilities to the area.

“The Ministry of Trade provides facilities for business actors to increase exports of home decoration products to the European market,” said Director General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade Didi Sumedi in the ‘Market Access Requirement and Welness Trend on Home Decoration in Europe’ business forum as quoted in a press release. , Saturday (6/11/2021). Perabot Rumah Tangga

Director of Export Development Cooperation, Marolop Nainggolan, said that business players received material on market access and healthy lifestyle trends in Europe from experts through this forum.

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According to Marolop, Indonesia’s home decoration sector actually has advantages compared to other countries. The Indonesian home decoration industry relies on the skills and artistic values ​​of Indonesian culture.

Although the work of Indonesian producers is considered quite good by consumers in developed markets, especially Europe, Indonesia is still not a calculated market share holder in this sector. Household appliances & Furniture

“After going through various studies, we found the main cause of the small role of Indonesian home decoration in Europe, namely the lack of competitiveness of business actors in entering the market. This can be seen from various aspects, such as understanding of regulations, introduction of consumer character, and promotional techniques, ‘ said Marolo. Perabot Unik

Dutch CBI external expert Remco Kemper mentioned three European laws that apply to all home decor and home textile products, namely product safety, range (chemicals), and product responsibility.

Indonesian Export Training Education (PPEI) facilitator practitioner Liena Mahalli added that business actors need to pay attention to health trends that are currently trending in Europe. Property News

Some of the emerging trends are that these products have a story behind their manufacture that can increase consumer knowledge, improve consumer skills, and impact on consumers’ mental and emotional.