Shades of Blue and White, 9 Decorations for Ria Ricis’s Wedding Recitation

Getting closer to her happy day, Ria Ricis held a wedding recitation on Friday (11/5/2021) afternoon. The recitation program which was broadcast live on a private television station was only attended by Ricis and his family.

The location of the study is decorated with blue and white decorations. The stage looks glamorous like a wedding aisle. Come on, see 9 details of Ria Ricis’s wedding recitation decoration! Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 The recitation before Ria Ricis’s wedding took place in the ballroom of a five-star hotel in Jakarta, attended by her family and several fellow artists.

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2 The decoration theme is all blue and white, in harmony with Ria and her family’s gray-blue clothes. Household appliances & Furniture

  1. A magnificent stage with a white pergola decorated with flowers as the main decoration. The backdrop is a plain navy blue pattern.

4 The center of the backdrop is decorated with asymmetrical crystal curtains. The color combination is luxurious, navy blue and crystal that shines in the light. Perabot Unik

5 The flower decorations are dominated by white, arranged from the top to the front of the stage. There are some flowers patterned blue and pink as a sweetener. Property News