Venom Display Decoration Recommendations and Prices

After experiencing broadcast delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Venom: Let There Be Carnage finally officially premiered in Indonesian cinemas on Wednesday (11/17/2021). This film features the figures of Marvel comic characters that have aired in 2018. Perabot Rumah Tangga

In the second sequel, this film tells the story of the journey of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) with the symbiote Venom in his body. His love for this character, it is not uncommon for fans to want to collect Venom-themed display decorations.

Is your little one also a fan of Venom? If so, Mama can buy her some decorations that can be displayed in her bedroom.

Here has summarized the recommendations for Venom display decorations and their prices.

Let’s listen, Mom!

1 Venom Action Action Figures

The first recommendation for the decoration of the display is the Venom action figure. This figure from Venom measures 18 centimeters and 7 inches long. Household appliances & Furniture

In addition, there are two hands and also a spare face that can be changed as desired. Mama can buy this Venom figure as a gift for your little one if it’s his birthday soon.

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If you want to buy it, the price of this Venom action figure is around IDR 400,000.

2 Funko Pop! Marvel – Venom 2

You can’t miss this one display decoration, Mom!

Funko POP! with the unique Venom character, it can be used as a decoration or collection for your little one in his room.

Not only providing one character, there are many characters that can be chosen according to the wishes or preferences of the little one. To buy this display, Mama needs to pay Rp. 275,000. Perabot Unik

3 Lego Venom Minifigures

If you want a display decoration that is not too big, this lego Venom minifigure can be one of your references. This small size does not make the side of the room look full.

With a variety of characters on offer, you can choose according to your little one’s wishes. The price to buy this minifigure ranges from Rp. 33,000 to Rp. 60,000.

4 Lego Super Heroes Venom

Previously, the Legos offered had a mini form, but this time Mama bought them with a Venom head shape. Before becoming a Venom head, your little one must assemble a collection of Legos to form a Venom head.

Well, with this one display decoration, you can train your little one’s skills. If you want to buy a Venom head lego, you can prepare a fee of IDR 935,000. Property News

5 Venom Carnage Pikachu Action Figure

Does your little one also like the Venom and Pikachu characters?

This one character is unique, Ma.