Proof of Love, This Father Builds Aisles to Decorations for His Son’s Wedding

The struggle of a father to make his child happy is unquestionable. One of them is what happened to this netizen, who told his experience on TikTok. Household appliances & Furniture

Uploaded to the @martamonita account, the woman said that when she was about to get married, she really didn’t use wedding decoration services for the aisle, because it was her father who made the aisle stage, decorations, and tents.

In the video, you can see how the father works hard to make his daughter’s dream party come true, by building an aisle stage using so much wood.

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At the end of the show, you can see the beautiful decorations made by the father of the bride. Although simple, but this one woman is so happy with what her father did.

This Father Builds Aisles to Decorations for His Son’s Wedding. Perabot Unik

Of course this video immediately attracted the attention of netizens, because it is very rare for a father to do something like this when his child is about to get married. Moreover, he said, his father prepared all this within 2 months before his wedding.

The video has so far been viewed up to 2 million times with various positive comments from netizens.

“Father’s love is not through words but actions,” said @_kixxxxyaa.

“His father is really cool aaaa,” wrote @xrxxxii_.

“I was so happy that his son got married, that he made it himself. Great, sir,” said @rjuxxxxan.

“This kind of treatment is considered strange by some people, but for those who feel this is very valuable, the oath, until you think I’m very special in the eyes of my father,” said @syaxxxua Property News

Unfortunately, there are netizens who are sarcastic about this, to the point of saying “between creative and stingy” to comment on the video. While holding back tears, in the follow-up video the woman explains why her father did this.

“Actually, I’m not stingy, sis, more precisely, I can’t afford it. Building a tent, decorations, even if it’s only made of bamboo, it also costs money, sis, not a little,” he said. Perabot Rumah Tangga

“And most importantly, it was done for 2 months before I got married. Not just a day, two days. Yes, that’s proof that my father loves me. It’s not that I want something luxurious, no. What’s normal, I’m happy too, isn’t it? stingy at all my father,” he concluded.